Saturday, 25 June 2011

Oh I do so love charades!!

Support our striking public servants - in fancy dress S1
Location: UK » North East »

When: Thursday 30 June 2011, 10:00am


Where: Sheffield Cathedral, next to tram stop, Sheffield S1

The 30th of June will be an important day in the stuggle for a fairer UK; three quarters of a million workers will be taking strike action. Teachers, lecturers,and benefit office workers will march through Sheffield in opposition to this tory-led government and its damaging policy of cuts. Sheffield Uncut will support our hard working public sector workers with a SECRET target planned. Come dressed as a worker; a nurse, a teacher, a builder, or anything you choose

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Bridget said...

.. or come dressed as a banker after all that's where all the tax money goes and no one is complaining about that - let's pay interest rather than salaries and pensions:

To pay this year's £43 billion interest bill, every household will stump up more than £1,800 in tax.

UK National Debt Clock - No-nonsense Guide to Britain's Debt Crisis