Saturday, 22 November 2008

Compulsory Redundancy

Mr Rauf before he was given his jotters

'Suspected' terrorist and 'alleged matermind' Rashid Rauf is 'reported' to have been killed by 'a suspected United States drone', the guardian cautiously informs us.
A great blow in the war on terror or merely a lightening of the load on our over burdened public purse?
Which ever it is, it seems we will now never know the shocking, chilling truth behind the transatlantic liquid bombing plot which our government has so singularly failed to prove existed.
It is hard for the civilised human mind to encompass this man's awesome potential for destruction. What kind of evil genius could carry out such an enterprise? What crazy plans was he hatching as he wandered in and out of police custody?
It is our tragedy that a monster of his talents worked for our enemies.
If only we had people like that on our side!

Winter Patriot fills in the details of the West Midlands pimpernel far better than we, or the hated mainstream media, ever could.


Stef said...

an excellent piece of journalism

so, when are we going to launch The Daily Loon?

Stef said...

and, speaking personally, I do find it very difficult to imagine the kind of potential devastation a character like that might be capable of - so I'm really grateful that there are better qualified people out there employed to do so on our behalf, complete with the occasional illustrative graphic

The Antagonist said...

A full house for coincidence theorists!


The Antagonist said...

so, when are we going to launch The Daily Loon?

Daily Loon? That's what the telescreen and dead tree combination is for, isn't it? Hourly loon. Minute by minute. Now with added in depth and usually incorrect weather.

Soft drink explosives made in an aeroplane toilet at 30,000 feet indeed. That was all over the TV all over the world. And if that's not the artifice of certified loons, I don't know what is.

paul said...

Re ant:
I confess to similar thoughts myself. Like Copernicus on his death bed, I am increasingly plagued with doubts about the great british broadcasting system in both print and vision.

The Antagonist said...

I had a dream once. It was a dream in which a news report was being presented by a composite news reporter whose face was made up of parts of all the well known news reporters who have dedicated their lives to producing 'very real' news reports about 'very real' things, some of which are so 'very real' that they are 'unimaginable'. Oddly, the composite reporter looked a little like a Brazilian electrician.

Mid-sentence the composite reporter halted the report and started on a tirade, "Alleged? Suspected? Believed? Thought to be? Anonymous source? What the fuck, don't we report on any actualities any more?"

Could it be possible that the illusion of dream might be as 'very real' as the 'unimaginable' 'very real'?

wingnut said...

The MSM is so carefully orchestrated, filtered and manipulated it can in no way be called loon based - sacrilege! For example take Mr Pilger (a journalist) love him or hate him here's his take on TRUTH(TM)

Interestingly his first port of call online is informationclearinghouse whose motto is 'news you won't find on CNN or FOX news' and whose banner quote is "Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people" - John Adams - Second President - 1797 - 1801. Quite! How about this take on the MSM "The corporate media is not a watchdog protecting us from the powerful, it is a lapdog begging for scraps." The powerful hate the internet and will start censoring it soon whilst logging your every online activity in the mean time, ironically using our good friend pictured above to scare us into going along with this orwellian vision.

Long live loonery, never to be besmirched with the MSM again dagnabbit.

Bridget Dunne said...

News of my death has been greatly exaggerated?

Stef said...

not such a SAD case after all maybe