Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Introducing the Networkaloons™

Following on from
the previous post and its superb expose which PROVES that...

"the Left and the radical Islamists have put aside their differences because they recognise the value of using each other in pursuit of their common objective, THE DESTRUCTION OF WESTERN SOCIETY!!"

may I also draw the attention of fellow Conspiraloons™ to an equally powerful article written by George Monbiot that blows apart a right-wing network that is scheming to subvert the global environmental movement...

"What seems to be a new front in this group's campaign for individuation has come to light. Its participants have taken on key roles in the formal infrastructure of public communication used by the science and medical establishment.

Is all this a coincidence? I don't think so. But it's not easy to understand why it is happening. Are we looking at a group which wants power for its own sake, or one following a political design, of which this is an intermediate step? What I can say is that the scientific establishment, always politically naive, appears unwittingly to have permitted its interests to be represented to the public by the members of a bizarre and cultish political network. Far from rebuilding public trust in science and medicine, this group's repugnant philosophy could finally destroy it."

Not George Monbiot, but a completely different posh cunt who lives in a lovely farm and does very well writing articles in The Guardian that explain how poor people should live

To anyone who hasn’t devoted themself to the full-time study of the genius that is Monbiot this article may at first sight, appear to be a bit strange, given that Monbiot is clearly on record as speaking out against
Conspiracy Viruses (except, of course, for when he’s speaking in support of them)

However, the important point to note here is that George is talking about a NETWORK not a CONSPIRACY



As is Mel P.

Remember, Al Qaeda isn’t a CONSPIRACY it’s a NETWORK

It's an Infowar™ minefield out there. Trust Mel and George to be your guides



paul said...

This, I think, separates the professionals from the amateurs.

Where the excitable amateur imagines a conspiracy, the cool headed professional divines a network.

This distinction is very important and, one of these days, someone in the hated mainstream media explain it to me.

The Antagonist said...

Peter Clarke is a Networkaloon, he admitted it on TV along with his certainty about how everything's going to be OK now that armed police are all charged up and running around looking for terrorists everywhere, instead of looking for bad drivers while not stumbling onto film sets of Bollywood films about suicide bombers.

Clarke said something about looking for other people in "the network".

Maybe they'll have to drop charges of "conspiracy to" and replace them with something like a charge of "belonging to a network", or maybe even "conspiring to belong to a network" and getting two bangs for a buck, so to speak.

It's all working out just like in V so far.... the Telescreen programming is precisely the same Red, White and Blue nationalist crap and they're installing CCTV, speakers and microphones in all public places.

It can't be long before we're hearing the sound of the 1812 overture....