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One hour and twenty minutes of David Shayler!!

And the TRUTH just keeps coming!!

courtesy of Conspiraloonery™ Central - Your NUMBER ONE!! source for web based anti-reptilian activism


Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Simpsons - reeking with the stench of Freemasonry


Any Conspiraloons
wishing to carry out further research into the occult connections between The Simpsons, the prophecies of Alastair Crowley, the Goat of Mendes and 9/11, as exposed in the previous post, could do a lot worse than starting with this essential resource...

especially the article entitled...

is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we CAN!! imagine




it's got the lot...

THE 911 ST*RG*TE!!

Watch it and weep


Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Clockwork Orange movie review - Conspiracy Lite version

Introducing the Networkaloons™

Following on from
the previous post and its superb expose which PROVES that...

"the Left and the radical Islamists have put aside their differences because they recognise the value of using each other in pursuit of their common objective, THE DESTRUCTION OF WESTERN SOCIETY!!"

may I also draw the attention of fellow Conspiraloons™ to an equally powerful article written by George Monbiot that blows apart a right-wing network that is scheming to subvert the global environmental movement...

"What seems to be a new front in this group's campaign for individuation has come to light. Its participants have taken on key roles in the formal infrastructure of public communication used by the science and medical establishment.

Is all this a coincidence? I don't think so. But it's not easy to understand why it is happening. Are we looking at a group which wants power for its own sake, or one following a political design, of which this is an intermediate step? What I can say is that the scientific establishment, always politically naive, appears unwittingly to have permitted its interests to be represented to the public by the members of a bizarre and cultish political network. Far from rebuilding public trust in science and medicine, this group's repugnant philosophy could finally destroy it."

Not George Monbiot, but a completely different posh cunt who lives in a lovely farm and does very well writing articles in The Guardian that explain how poor people should live

To anyone who hasn’t devoted themself to the full-time study of the genius that is Monbiot this article may at first sight, appear to be a bit strange, given that Monbiot is clearly on record as speaking out against
Conspiracy Viruses (except, of course, for when he’s speaking in support of them)

However, the important point to note here is that George is talking about a NETWORK not a CONSPIRACY



As is Mel P.

Remember, Al Qaeda isn’t a CONSPIRACY it’s a NETWORK

It's an Infowar™ minefield out there. Trust Mel and George to be your guides


Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Ockham's Hammer

We are under attack!! The terrifying force unleashed against us emanates from the ruthless 'Fey Documentary' movement.
They have infiltrated our sources of light entertainment and subverted the benign media format of michael barrymore's 'Kids Say the Funniest Things'.
Through the demonic powers of irony and ambiguity, they have perverted this benevolent quest for human understanding, into a cold blooded humiliation of the weak and misguided!!
Their cruel battle cry 'We get paid for this shit' rings in subliminal messages throughout the rest of their s - h - a - t - t - e - r - e - d victim's lives.
I, myself, was obliquely attacked with the charge of anti-semitism, when pointing out an alien amongst us.
I am quite happy to use the methods of our hated mainstream media-masters to make my case!!
Who else but an alien creature could say these things??!!:

"Both the left and the radical Islamists have put aside their differences because they recognise the value of using each other in pursuit of their common objective, the destruction of western society."
" It’s currently open season in Britain on Israel and the Jews."
"With so many in the intelligentsia and the media deeply hostile and ignorant, Israel has been successfully demonised and delegitimised in Britain on the basis of lies and libels, a treatment afforded to no other nation."
"But it is also a tragedy for Britain, because its failure to grasp that Israel’s fight is the west’s own fight, that Israel is not in a separate box labelled ‘land dispute’ but is in the same box that the west is in which is labelled ‘jihad against the free world’"
"Britain after all is the American cultural mother-ship; it is where the concepts of liberty, democracy and the rule of law were first developed. If Britain turns out all its cultural lights, the resulting gloom will envelop America and the whole of the free world. "
The hapless crone is obviously transported from a parallel universe where everything is the opposite of how it is here, where there is a 'left', and it is feared for its power. This explains her extreme paranoia.

As further proof, I offer this exquisite diagram:This may or not exist but conclusively reveals the alien's londonistani nerve centre.

We children of the de-enlightenment are often accused of using occam's razor, thought up by some old geezer who wasn't even on the internet!!
He said that you should not "multiply entities unnecessarily"
We say: get with it, grandad!!
It's Hammer Time!!
Ockham's Hammer says:
If it is clearly not human - it's an ALIEN.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

No™ Buildings™ Theory™'s Little Brother, No™ Planes™ Theory™

Pictured left (over there <---) The SUPER POWERED SPACE BEAMS used to demolish the twin towers on 9th November 2001 from SPACE, cleverly hidden on the day by the alien human lizard hybrids' careful manipulation of the New York sky's properties to ensure it was rendered as BLUE on the day of the attack to cover up WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. The beams were DEFINITELY fired by a passing Vogon DESTRUCTOR ship on their way to undertake more genetic manipulation of the human species many thousands of years ago in the quest for MONATOMIC GOLD that looks like this


Video fakery par excellence. How much more complicit could the media be? None more, none more complicit. Thanks to soulshoes for bringing this to the attention of the Conspiraloon™ Alliance.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Something for the weekend, Conspiraloons™

"They must find it difficult...
Those who have taken authority as the truth,
rather than truth as the authority."
-Gerald Massey

Gods™, Christianity™, Masters™, Bankers Rule the World™, One World Government™, JFK™, 9/11™, Madrid 11/3™, London 7/7™ and the global population microchipping plan™ - Zeitgeist The Movie - it's got the lot, including George Carlin and Bill Hicks.

And not once does it mention Aliens™, Lizards™ or Shapeshifters™.


Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Zionist Role in 9/11

It is time the Conspiraloon Alliance addressed the very serious issue of the ZIONIST role in 9/11.

What many non Conspiraloons™ fail to grasp is the FACT™ that ZIONISM exists outside of time and s p a c e and is therefore to able exercise it's EVIL!! influence on ALL!! of human history in the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!!

A fellow TRUTH SEEKER has put together a quality piece of anti-reptilian infotainment in an attempt to wake people up to the TRUTH
. Please note the extensive and skillful use of THROBBING, fluorescent, mutli-coloured fonting that puts all lesser efforts to shame...

There are also a couple of shots of some bloke holding a BLUE PILL and a RED PILL. FUCK ME!! I wish I'd thought of that


Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Conspiraloon™ Book Club Pick of the Month

As Veteran Conspiraloons
already know, 2012 is definitely going to be to year of the APOCALYPSE!! Our advice for Conspiraloons on a budget is to beat the last minute rush and start preparing now!! And whilst a secret underground cache of tinned food, extra silver foil and a change, make that two changes, of underwear is IMPORTANT!! development of adequate psychic defences is equally crucial.

and we can think of NOWHERE!! better to start!! than Michael Tsarion’s international blockbuster…

the critics rave

For 50,000 years the "Technocracy of Power" has indulged in SUPPRESSION and SLAUGHTER in order to conceal the truth about humankind's origins and purpose. This indispensable work signals the failure of their age-old stratagems and deceptions and is compulsory reading for those with a passionate desire to know the real origins of conflict on the planet and in the psyche

- Jordan Maxwell (author, historian, talk show host and expert on secret societies)

Atlantean Aliens are responsible for this... get angry!! get informed!! get fucked!!

For those who question ALIEN VISITATION to earth, read this book and think again

- Rick Martin (Investigative Journalist, The Spectrum Magazine)

This compelling and cogent tome comes with an impassioned plea by the author/researcher--for the reader to summon up the energy, courage, and open-mindedness to objectively consider a body of information that, at first glance, is outlandish in character and scope. This well referenced information therein is compelling in both gravity and perspective. If one can just jiggle part way out of the straight-jacketed control grid in which we live to at least consider the content, then the information in this book can be profound. Although Amazon is the best way to get most books, the nature of this book makes it a bit more difficult to find--but still, easily obtainable. Try not to gape too much when you read may drool on your lap.

- Some Bloke on Amazon

Michael Tsarion is the Conspiracy Theorist’s Conspiracy Theorist and leaves DAVID ICKE looking like David Dimbleby!!

- Me

A companion DVD containing 15 hours of LIFE SAVING!! information is also available!!

whilst he is not yet as well known as - And has never played professional football like DAVID ICKE has Tsarion does look and sound like a slap-head george best which is MILES better

Michael Tsarion

See Michael strutting his stuff at the playfully named Conspiracy Con here!!


Tuesday, 5 June 2007

They Walk Amongst Us

At last the truth can be told!! Using only a dirty mop head to disguise itself as a human CRONE, a 'grey' has infiltrated itself at the highest levels of the human power elite!!



Do not approach in print, televisual or physical form!!

Monday, 4 June 2007

Conspiraloon™ Blog Awards 2K+7

Satin Pajamas (the cultural imperialism of American spellings, oh joy), Bloggies, Boggies, Wiped Arse and various other stupidly named nonsense, you name it, Bloggers everywhere around the world, in the same way as the mainstream media that they so wish would employ them, are forever inventing mindless ways to pat themselves and their pals on their spineless yellow backs for being an ineffective shower of shit. Huzzah for Blog Power!

Blink now while there's still time.

The Conspiraloon™ Alliance -- always outnumbered, never outgunned -- thought it was time we jumped on the introspective belly-button and anus gazing bandwagon (most of the Conspiraloon™ Alliance have a belly-button and anus each, one of us even has two thumbs on each hand) got in on the act so to speak, and started a meaningless and equally trite blog awards thing.

And thus the Blogaloon™ Conspirawards™ were born, purely on a whim, and just to prove what a load of bollocks this self congratulatory wank really is. Like packdogs on heat trailing a scent, only more-so and marginally less entertaining.

We were going to have 50 categories but none of the cunts in the Conspiraloon™ Alliance could be arsed to waste that much time thinking them all up, thereby making the whole process considerably less tedious for everyone than all those other Blog awards run by runts for cunts that take themselves far too seriously even if they think they don't.

The categories for nomations in the Blogaloon™ Conspirawards™ are:

1. Most contrived blog exhibiting highest levels of self-obsession and exhibiting the highest degree of Narcissistic Personality Disorder [demonstrated by excessive use of the personal pronouns such as: I, Me, My, Myself, Mine]

2. Blog that is exactly the same as reading vacuous and overpaid newspaper columnists only free and not nearly quite as amusing

3. Best blog from a country whose language you don't speak and can't read

4. Blog with the most tenuous grasp of reality

5. All round most interminable blog and author

6. Blog with the slackest grasp of anything that resembles truth

7. Best Internet-wide vendetta, persecution and witch-hunting blog

8. Blog with the most campaign buttons that means their author can sit around and do fuck all of any use because they've got a button [Find Maddie buttons score 10x and a bonus ball]

9. Best Internet wide vendetta, persecution and witch-hunting victim blog

10 Best North American Blog or Column Ed: No, fuck 'em

11. Best blog named Conspiraloonery™ Central

12. Blog buoyed by the best use of fawning sock-puppets that give the appearance of popularity or consensus

13. Style over substance [pretty looking, but fucking awful to read]

Leave your nominations in the comments to this post after the number of the category for which you are nominating them. So for example, if you wanted to nominate Conspiraloonery™ Central in the "Best blog named Conspiraloonery™ Central" category, you would write:
11. Conspiraloonery™ Central

Alternatively, go hog wild and invent a whole new category for the Blogaloon™ Conspirawards™, undoubtedly an exercise with far greater potential for humourous responses.

Voting is open until such time as the Conspiraloon™ Alliance get bored with the whole thing and we'll count up the votes if and when we can be fucking bothered.

Style Guide Redux

The world wide internet has given us the tools to deliver the truth with an eye-watering impact that previous generations could only dream of:
A rainbow of truthful colours
Fonts both great and small
text that blinks with the same urgency as your message
images liberated almost entirely from meaning:

And of course the sacred sign of the double exclamation!!
Use them all, while you still can!!
Remember, careful with those facts, they always get in the way of the truth
An eagle eyed commentor NOTICED that the beast already employs some of these mad skillz.......................for evil!!
Don't believe me?
Take the Red Top Pill!! Now!!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

Our Lord David 'Jesus' Icke WAS RIGHT!!

David Icke sticks it to Terry Wogan and PROVES HE WAS RIGHT ALL THOSE YEARS AGO!!

Don't laugh at sheep, you might BE ONE!!

RECOGNISE THIS? This COULD BE YOU sitting in front of the TV!!