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First the Angels fall...

Lynx 2012 - The Final Edition...

which is the sequel to this...


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7/7 Ripple Effect - Here comes the punchline

It must be admitted that the Conspiraloon Alliance has been somewhat critical of Muad'dib, the Man and the Message, in the past

However, after reviewing the One True Messiah's follow-up to
7/7 Ripple Effect, the Conspiraloon Collective has found cause for contemplation and re-consideration of its editorial stance

The choice on offer appears to be a stark one

Get what's good for you...

or BURN!!!


Monday, 24 October 2011

Death cults are bound to attract strange people

After being filmed saying 'wow' on hearing of Gaddafi's death, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joked with a TV news reporter

In the unedited footage, Clinton then announced hunger, extended her lower jaw and polished off a small furry animal an assistant had provided.

The Law Will Bring Peace

The consistently excellent Bill Mitchell performs an autopsy on the dead language found in the latest EU/IMF/ECB Troika report on Greece.

From a rent seekers point of view, the report must be rather appealling. State assets sold off at fire sale prices, onerous, to the point of insanity, debt obligations to be serviced indefinitely and a clear indication that the troika will act as a praetorian guard for their interests until the point of total collapse.

The big question is how long the greek security services will have the stomach to crack their friends and neighbours’ heads. After all, the protestors will have increasingly less to do but protest.

At that point , I suppose Eurogendfor* will move in.

Their commander,Colonel Cornelis Kuijs, has luckily completed a rather chillingly titled Netherlands Defence Academy course:

Philosophy and excellence in organisations: “Aristotle and Mastership”

(Aristotlean mastership being the science and practice of the ‘rule of slaves’; despotikè in greek)

Just what the greek people need, a technocrat with a gun.

* EGF (European Gendarmerie Force) will be, first and foremost, at the disposal of the EU (European Union) to carry out police missions in crisis management operations, in accordance with the the principles set up in Santa Maria de Feira and Nice European Council conclusions. When deployed for the EU, the PSC (Political and Security Committee of the EU) assumes the political control and the strategic direction.

Friday, 21 October 2011


In these troubled times, thank goodness we can all find comfort in the spectacle of a wounded sixty nine year old man being beaten to death by an armed gang.

Thursday, 29 September 2011


Al-Qaida calls on Ahmadinejad to end 9/11 conspiracy theories

...apparently in the glossy terrorist lifestyle mag, Inspire.

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R.I.P Richard Hamilton

He both had and got,

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9/11 - A conspiracy theory


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Mein Fuhrer! I can walk!!



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I got a job for Stanley, I thought he'd come in handy

For anyone out there who still thinks that 'The Shining' is a horror film and not a detailed documentary of the making of 'Apollo 11 - The Movie', the following should put them straight...

...worth the price of admission on the basis of the rocket launch sequence at the end of clip 3 alone

Energised by this viewing experience, I began a search for distant dots in need of joining and eventually resolved that Dolly Parton's cover of 'Shine' included unambiguous references to Stanley Kubrick (a Jew),
Project Blue Beam (the forthcoming 'sequel' to the Apollo Hoax), the Anunnaki and Tennessee Bluegrass...

Gimme a word, gimme a sign
Show me where to look

And tell me what will I find

What will I find

Lay me on the ground
Fly me in the sky
Show me where to look

And tell me what will I find

What will I find

Yeah, oh Heaven let your light shine down,
Heaven let your light shine down,
Heaven let your light shine down,
Heaven let your light shine

Love is in the water

Love is in the air

Show me where to go

And tell me will love be there

Will love be there

Teach me how to speak

Teach me how to share

Teach me where to go
And tell me will love be there

Will love be there

Gimme a word, gimme a sign

Show me where to look

And tell me what will I find

What will I find

Lord, teach me how to speak

Teach me how to share

Teach me where to go

And tell me will love be there

Will love be there

It's a ~beam~, it's blue

'a-LIE-n' spacecraft

Connect all this compelling evidence to the recent outbreak of Zionist NWO spokespeople appearing on TV talking about how space alien invasions, real or imagined, can save us from ourselves...

...and the picture is crystal, with a distinctly blueish tinge, clear

Sirius* - when it comes to distant dots, this is the Big (Blue) One

* = any resemblances to this are entirely coincidental


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Mainstream Conspiraloons #120 - Matthew Parris megablast

Matthew Parris: Out of his tits

The next 20 scandals. So you won’t be shocked

1 Many prison officers are complicit in the supply of drugs within prisons. How else do I reconcile what’s common knowledge — that drug use is rife in prison — with the almost abusive security checks I’ve undergone when I visits friends in prison? Among the reasons for these checks must sometimes be the protection of a monopoly.

2 Nothing like a real competitive market exists among banks or energy suppliers. They are classic cartels, robbing their customers.

3 Many sporting records that still stand — and not just in cycling — have been fuelled by performance-enhancing drugs. Have you noticed the plateauing or even dropping off of many winning times, including in my own former sport of long-distance running? This is because of anti-drug enforcement. There will be more and much bigger stories here than have yet been told.

4 Insider trading. It’s absolutely endemic. In many spheres and all sorts of ways within the financial world, nothing even approaching a free, fair or open market exists. The protection and enhancement of entrenched advantage is, to a far greater degree than capitalist competition, the key dynamic in many markets.

5 The stock exchange has all but lost its original purpose — the financing of new business — and become a turbo-charged, non-stop poker school for a huge, wealthy, essentially unproductive and largely parasitic class. Unfortunately for my argument, Britain makes a lot of money from this...


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The New Face of the Mythical Al Qaida

NikErgo: "The Sun are disgusting! In Norway we are grieving the murder of at least 91, and you lie! Shame on you!"
JR_Gardner: "Idiots. This had NOTHING to do with Al Qaeda. #don'tbuythesun"
Jinky71: "The Scum. And I mean the newspaper."
The winning comment so far is:

HyattCoolum: "You have to remember that The Sun is written by cunts for cunts."

And the new Face of Far-Right Christian Zionist Al Qaida looks a little bit like a Great White Brotherhood Aryan Master Mason.

Master Mason, the Cold-Blooded Al Qaida Killer known as Anders Behring Breivik
Are there no lengths to which those dastardly Al Qaida Muslims won't go to try and pin global terror attacks on the true perpetrators of the attacks?

A Warning To Our Fellow Travellers

Prominent security experts community member, Will McCants recants,

yet the jihadi obsessed spook propogandist offers up somthing even scarier:

So, in future unimaginable carnage, if its not the Jihadis, it'll probably be one of these.

I think I'll stay in this weekend

* artists impression above.

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4.25pm 22nd July: PeterBeaumont: foreign affairs editor at the Observer, says a jihadist group is most likely to be behind the blast:

Peter Beaumont, foreign correspondent for The Observer.

It has been known for some time that al-Qaida core and other related "franchises" - including in the most active in Yemen – have been attempting to develop operations. Which leads to a second question: why Norway?...

The answer to that is three fold. In then first instance, with the increased levels of security and surveillance in the UK and the US as well as other European capitals, Norway might have been seen as a softer target despite the recent breaking up of an al-Qaida cell in Norway.

A more detailed explanation of the problems that Norway has had with Al Qaeda were supplied a year ago by the Atlantic magazine in an article by Thomas Hegghammer, a senior fellow at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment in Oslo, and Dominic Tierney.

That piece followed the arrest of three men in Norway and Germany for allegedly plotting a terrorist attack involving peroxide explosives. All of those arrested were were Muslim immigrants to Norway.

The first explanation," wrote Hegghammer and Tierney, "is Afghanistan. Norway has been part of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan from its foundation in late 2001.... In late 2007, for example, Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaida's
second-in-command, said that the group had previously threatened Norway because it "participated in the war against the Muslims...

A second contributory factor for why Norway may have been eyed in the past for potential jihadi terrorist attack is the fact that in 2006, a Norwegian newspaper reprinted a series of Danish cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad which prompted threats against the country. A third potential explanation is the recent decision last week by a Norwegian prosecutor filed terror charges against an Iraqi-born cleric for threatening Norwegian politicians with death if he's deported from the Nordic country. The indictment centered on statements that Mullah Krekar - the founder of the Kurdish Islamist group Ansar al-Islam - made to various media, including American network NBC.

come 23rd July:

The most tempting and immediate conclusion was that it would be a jihadist group, as the style of the Oslo attack bore strong similarities to other earlier attacks in Europe and elsewhere.

But Norwegian police said that the individual believed responsible for the shooting in Utøya, a 32-year-old Norwegian man, was also spotted in Olso before the bombing there.

Both written by the same cunt

December 2008 marked a significant point in the history of the Guardian when the paper moved to a brand new building in King's Cross after 32 years in its Farringdon headquarters.

Which is, presumably, the ideal vantage point from which to view the global terror thingy.

Perhaps peter should have consulted his guardian colleague, jeff winter:

"In a way, it is human nature to want to construct a narrative to resolve anxieties, to be drawn to mystery or the perception of it."
or his freelance colleague, Jamie Bartlett*:

...conspiracy theories are kneejerk, lazy cynicism. We need to limit their corrosive and destructive impact. The government lacks the credibility to do so. It falls on the rest of us to act.
Well done, members of the 24 hour information community!

*Jamie Bartlett is a researcher at Demos! - specialising in Islam!! - and identity!!!

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A Depraved Work Environment

Will produce depraved results.

Creatures mimicking humans created,approved and published this.

What the literally tens of Times online's subscribers will not learn is that:

While "external" climatic variables play a role in triggering off a famine and heightening the social impact of drought, famines in the age of globalization are man-made.

They are not the consequence of a scarcity of food but of a structure of global oversupply which undermines food security and destroys national food agriculture.

Tightly regulated and controlled by international agri-business, this oversupply is ultimately conducive to the stagnation of both production and consumption of essential food staples and the impoverishment of farmers throughout the world.

Moreover, in the era of globalization, the IMF-World Bank structural adjustment program bears a direct relationship to the process of famine formation because it systematically undermines all categories of economic activity, whether urban or rural, which do not directly serve the interests of the global market system.
Or this:
The Ogaden is populated by ethnic Somalis who have been fighting their own guerilla war against the Ethiopian dictatorship, whom they charge with using food as a weapon of war.

Of the 10 million people at risk of starvation, a huge portion live – or are now dying – in the Ogaden. As the dependable
Thomas C. Mountain reports from nearby Eritrea, the Ethiopian government has blocked the International Red Cross and other aid agencies from carrying out relief work in the region.

The Obama administration, which now gives the Ethiopian dictatorship more money than any regime in Africa, could force the doors to the Ogaden open with one phone call.

But it won't, because Ethiopia and the U.S. are on the same mission, and there is nothing humanitarian about it.

Marvel At The Captain

...for in his boozy pensées, he speaks with great truth.

Whatever romance it might hold for the punters, it's all just a racket.
But as long as they keep on coughing up for it, where's the harm?

Much like:

  • Politics
  • Policing
  • Press
these days.

In fact just substitute anything for football, and you won't be far wrong.

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It's funny because it's True



It's funny because it's True



Monday, 18 July 2011

The Stars Look Down

Warrior - on screen and off

Twinkle eyed Nespresso pusher George Clooney is not just lending his allure to the Anglo/American/Israeli balkanisation of Sudan.
In possibly the least grass roots effort at popular agitation yet seen, he's launched his own fucking satellite.
For why?
Naturally enough, to alert us to humanitarian atrocities in resource rich areas.

In the glow of South Sudanese secession, Gorgeous George is reporting for duty, to remind us that the work has just begun, that North Sudan must be liberated from its wealth too.

And what has he turned up?
Allegedly, mass graves in South Kordofan, just on top of the oil!

These blurry photos will, of course, require military intervention at some point. But, until the time is right, sadly unwed George is tasked with playing the intro music.

I used to think hollywood superstars were merely superficial and vain. I am shocked they exhult in the same sickening violence in real life as they indulge in on screen.

What a fucking cunt.

It's all a murky, depraved business and I heartily commend Keith Harmon Snow and the Global Research gang to paint a clearer picture.

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North Star Rising

Serve lukewarm,smothered in a rich broth of truth...and garnished with a farrago of lies!

Say what you like about Tony Farrell, you've got to admire his courage. I, for one, can't wait to see his ‘Strategic Threat Assessment Matrix’ which has been so crudely censored.

As for his 'research on the internet' well, put it this way, I can hang on indefinitely.

Whether you view him as a freelance timewaster or a genuine truth seeker, you have to understand the terrible vista before him.

The fact that he's now condemned to spend an uncomfortable amount of his life within an extraordinarily musty milieu, populated by the likes of Muah'Dib, G-Man and the light fingered Doktor K.

A good reason to be in washing your hair, every night, until you die.

This alone reflects an intimidating commitment to whatever the fuck he is up to.

If the former, he certainly got the shitty end of the stick.

Plainclothes Policeman

Actual, real life provocateur Mark Kennedy (AKA 'FLASH') got:
  • Travel
  • Adventure
  • Soft drugs
  • Free love
None of which, even if on offer, you would particularly want to share with Tony's new best buddies.

If he is a diablocal implant, Mr Farrell's new found micro-celebrity bodes ill for the conspirasphere.

It's like TPTB are taking the piss, issuing this moron to watch him lapped up by the truth famished.

If he is not, Mr Farrell's new found micro-celebrity bodes ill for the conspirasphere.

He's a fucking idiot.

Anyway, a lot of this shit is getting old.

Everything is pretty much in plain sight these days.

Occult intricacies are increasingly irrelevant in the war on humans.

Should you think Tony is going somewhere, heed the words of a leading rockstar vatican assassin:

Friday, 15 July 2011

Super Happy Fun Time Music

The weekend starts here...

it's alright 'cos the historical pattern has shown
how the economical cycle tends to revolve
in a round of decades three stages stand out in a loop
a slump and war then peel back to square one and back for more

bigger slump and bigger wars and a smaller recovery
huger slump and greater wars and a shallower recovery

you see the recovery always comes 'round again
there's nothing to worry for things will look after themselves
it's alright recovery always comes 'round again
there's nothing to worry if things can only get better

there's only millions that lose their jobs and homes and sometimes accents
there's only millions that die in their bloody wars, it's alright

it's only their lives and the lives of their next of kin that they are losing
it's only their lives and the lives of their next of kin that they are losing

it's alright 'cos the historical pattern has shown
how the economical cycle tends to revolve
in a round of decades three stages stand out in a loop
a slump and war then peel back to square one and back for more

bigger slump and bigger wars and a smaller recovery
huger slump and greater wars and a shallower recovery

don't worry be happy things will get better naturally
don't worry shut up sit down go with it and be happy

dum, dum, dum, de dum dum, de duh de duh de dum dum dum... ah ah
dum, dum, dum, de dum dum, de duh de duh de dum dum dum... ah ah


Shoot the World Better!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Charlie says....

The latest damp squib to rock the conspirasphere brought this to mind:

Remember kids, don't trust the system!

However, my research on the internet also brought forth this forgotten gem by The Original Concept:

Which forced me to search for this companion piece:

And, fuck it, how could I leave out this:

which, in turn demands the freeform chef d'ouevre:

and, of course:

And appropriately enough for the original subject:

To think, this trip down memory lane started with that megaphone bothering, toff, cunt.

Hard to believe.

Truly, out of the shit came forth sweetness.

Good thoughts are where you find them, brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Nazi UFO Weekend


Watch Nazi UFO Conspiracy!

Watch The Aldebaran Mystery!

Savour Nazi Beef Spread!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Weird Colour Television

An excellent and interesting interview on, amongst other things, the 4.5 million fiat Sheridan show trial.
Slightly marred by the director being either:
high on recreational drugs,
had just been given a dvd of 'Day for Night',
desperately trying to distract from the subject matter.

Announcing our Environmental Excellence Awards

As we firmly approve of recycling, we are delighted to see the Daily Mail and America's Homeland Security Department working hand in hand to recycle their own trash.

Barely 16 months after releasing this shocking and chilling story they have bravely repeated themselves by releasing this equally chilling and shocking story.

The Security Community has made great strides in this time, back in january 2010 they explained:

Experts said bombers would be surgically cut open, the explosive PETN (Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate) would then be placed in a plastic sachet inside his or her body before the wound was stitched up like a normal operation incision and treated to heal.

A shaped charge of 8oz of PETN can penetrate five inches of armour and would easily blow a large hole in an airliner.

The explosives would be detonated by the bomber using a hypodermic syringe to inject TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide) through their skin into the explosives sachet – a method which has created a serious fear that the body-bombers could pretend to be diabetics injecting themselves in order to prevent anyone stopping their suicide missions.

While now they say:

Experts said the explosive PETN (Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate) would be placed in a plastic sachet inside the bomber’s body before the wound was stitched up like a normal operation incision and allowed to heal.

A shaped charge of 8oz of PETN can penetrate five inches of armour and would easily blow a large hole in an airliner.

Security sources said the explosives would be detonated by the bomber using a hypodermic syringe to inject TATP (Triacetone Triperoxide) through their skin into the explosives sachet.

While not being a explosives expert, this does seem like a total and utter pile of shit to me.

As it did all those months ago.

This is, of course, fair enough as the assasination of Al Quaeda mastermind Osama Bin Laden has no doubt increased the willingness of people to have bombs surgically implanted by at least 10,000%.

As the number of these bombers found in the last year and half equals zero, then we can confidently expect exactly zero in the period until this story is reissued.

Well done Security Community!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Corporate House on the Prairie

A Reuters investigation found that a two-story house in Wyoming is home to more than 2,000 corporations, some of which have played a key role in several questionable international financial schemes.
Remember kids, nobody conspired to make this occur. Shit really does happen of its own accord.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fukishima Daiichi - The TRUTH!!

You don't want to see what I can can do with my other fingers

Another Conspiraloon Alliance EXCLUSIVE!!

The real motive for the Fukishimi Daiichi false flag op was to distract the world's attention from the real target of the Zionist New World Order



Saturday, 25 June 2011

No mushrooms were harmed in the production of this song

Following on from an earlier post on the key role played by DMT in elitist ideologies and Alex Jones' claim that the Bible forbids psychoactive substances, there are those who respectfully beg to differ...



If you think you can see mushrooms in any of the above images you are MAD!

One of our Guardians speaks

Ace Reporter Peter Gibbs blows the lid on the real world of journalism...

rest assured, with sleuths like Peter on the case no conspiracy would remain unexposed for long


Oh I do so love charades!!

Support our striking public servants - in fancy dress S1
Location: UK » North East »

When: Thursday 30 June 2011, 10:00am


Where: Sheffield Cathedral, next to tram stop, Sheffield S1

The 30th of June will be an important day in the stuggle for a fairer UK; three quarters of a million workers will be taking strike action. Teachers, lecturers,and benefit office workers will march through Sheffield in opposition to this tory-led government and its damaging policy of cuts. Sheffield Uncut will support our hard working public sector workers with a SECRET target planned. Come dressed as a worker; a nurse, a teacher, a builder, or anything you choose

Thursday, 23 June 2011

A special message to anyone planning industrial action this summer


Something for the little 'uns

Crop Circle Coloring Book

24 spectacular designs for enjoyment and meditation

Crop circles exhibit incredible sacred design and geometrical precision, as you will discover in this coloring book. There have been thousands of reported crop circles in 28 countries worldwide. Although crop circles have been recorded for hundreds of years, there has been a tremendous increase in the phenomenon since the early 1990s, especially in southern England.

Each crop circle diagram in this book is labeled with the date of its initial discovery, location, and type of crop in which it was manifested. This is more than a coloring book. Its an exploration and meditation on crop circle geometry. My hope is that the geometry may inspire you and act as an entry point to your own investigations.

Download Scott's Crop Circle Coloring Book Now!!

Hours, probably stretching into days, of fun for all ages...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Loving Trap

Enjoy this controlled demolition of a patrician bore, one who is strongly against conspiracy theories.

From a dialogue with another absurd chancer, Errol Morris:

ERROL MORRIS: There are those that believe that [the Gulf of Tonkin incident was] part of a conspiracy to escalate the Vietnam War. Here’s a question: are they right? And, in an even more general sense, is history primarily a history of conspiracy? Or is it just a series of blunders, one after the other? Confusions, self-deceptions, idiocies of one kind or another?

ADAM CURTIS: It’s the latter. Where people do set out to have conspiracies, they don’t ever end up like they’re supposed to. History is a series of unintended consequences resulting from confused actions, some of which are committed by people who may think they’re taking part in a conspiracy, but it never works out the way they intended.

Well that's all that history stuff sorted.

All ripped off from Bruce Conner (1933-2008)....with precious little grace

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Lemon entry, my Dear Watson

In spite of the Conspiraloon Alliance's best efforts, the toll taken by Sudden Adult Death Sydrome continues to mount. In an innovative, out of the box investigation of the case of recent SADS victim Gareth Williams, Winter Patriot is channeling the long dead spirit of Sherlock Holmes in the elusive quest for a cure for SADS...


Introducing the surprisingly spacious Nissan Micra...


You can fit a lot more into a Micra than you might think, apparently


Friday, 17 June 2011

Mainstream Conspiraloon #735 - Lord WarWar

Lord Simon Jenkins of WarWar
Proof that mainstream media journalists occasionally notice something.
Why do we still go to war? We seem unable to stop. We find any excuse for this post-imperial fidget and yet we keep getting trapped. Germans do not do it, or Spanish or Swedes. Britain's borders and British people have not been under serious threat for a generation. Yet time and again our leaders crave battle. Why?
It is not democracy that keeps western nations at war, but armies and the interests now massed behind them. The greatest speech about modern defence was made in 1961 by the US president Eisenhower. He was no leftwinger, but a former general and conservative Republican. Looking back over his time in office, his farewell message to America was a simple warning against the "disastrous rise of misplaced power" of a military-industrial complex with "unwarranted influence on government". A burgeoning defence establishment, backed by large corporate interests, would one day employ so many people as to corrupt the political system. (His original draft even referred to a "military-industrial-congressional complex".) This lobby, said Eisenhower, could become so huge as to "endanger our liberties and democratic processes"
The cold war strategist, George Kennan, wrote prophetically: "Were the Soviet Union to sink tomorrow under the waters of the ocean, the American military-industrial complex would have to remain, substantially unchanged, until some other adversary could be invented."

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Orderly Succession

A fine example of non disruptive organisational change.

Al-Qaida gave no details about the selection process for bin Laden's successor, but said that it was the best tribute to the memory of its "martyrs".

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Mainstream Conspiraloons #734 - Greece

Athens, Greece, on the outskirts of a riot, 1500BST:

"'s not a problem for me and my colleagues to be hounded off demos as "representatives of big capital", "Zionists", "scum and police informers" etc. But to get this reaction from almost every demographic - from balaclava kids to pensioners - should be a warning sign to the policymaking elite. The "mainstream" - whether it's the media, politicians or business people - is beginning to seem illegitimate to large numbers of people.

As one old bloke put it to me, when I said: "Don't you want us to report what's happening to you?" - "No."

He was quite calm and rational as he waved his hand in my face: "It's too late for that."