Sunday, 31 January 2010

No Guarantees

Military Intelligence warns us that the mysterious Al Qaeda has thought up yet another way to fulfil its avowed mission to stop global warming by the reckless use of human flight!
One we have no defence against!!

This is what you will not see coming

By ruthlessly placing bombs inside their own bodies (probably in some high technology cave) they can outwit the very latest in modern intrusion technology.
The scanner manufacturers deeply regret this, but what do you expect for the money?
Still, they're slightly more effective than the empty boxes british industry has been flogging to areas where there is a more immediate threat


Anonymous said...

What a cool conspiracy blog you have here. This thing looks like a ton of thought, time and hard work went into it. I'm a Christian/conspiracy theorist with a new blog who's looking for like-minded bloggers to share with. Have a happy Sunday.

paul said...

Thank you

Anonymous said...

That "stop Global Warming" thing is just bizarre. I can't figure that one out. If they are trying to push Global Warming on us, why would they have their sworn enemy endorsing it? Very strange.

The Antagonist said...

I think it might be quite self-explanatory, it just needs thinking about from the perspective of entities endeavouring to play both sides of the game on the grand chessboard.

By having Emmanuel Goldstein - sorry, Usama bin Laden (irrespective of whether or not he's been dead for a decade) saying the sorts of things that global warming/cooling/climate change types might say, the foundations for alleging associations and parallels between Uber Terrorist, Usama, and Uber Terrorists in the making, the green (behind the ears) lot, is laid.

"Oh, those climate change folk, they're as bad as Usama bin Laden."

paul said...

It's just headfuck component of destructive tension, pro/anti are just set against the other to cancel them out while the real work gets done.
Rackets can be introduced which suit the main players eg clean coal, carbon capture'n'credits.
The main goal is socioeconomic stasis.
AGW might be stuttering a bit, but they've got peak oil warming up in the garage.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Antagonist, I liked your comparison of George Orwell's Goldstein to Osama. They do seem quite similar.

Wingnut said...

cui bono?

Conrad Turner said...

Thought you folks might like a few video links.

The first one is for Agent Bonehead; its an interview with Bruce Cathie,a New Zealand scientist with an interesting take on Ufos, nuclear weapons and some kind of energy grid which authorities are marking out with towers.

A 8 hour lecture by Naseem Haramein on his unified field theory.

Mark Rodins vortex mathematics -

Project Camelot interview with aviation historian Michael Scratt

I don't have much time for most Camelot guff,but Schratt seems genuine,along with Joseph Farrells take on Nazi Germanys Secret Technology
Sorry to see Jon Doys blog get wiped :(

Tits Oot said...

Don't worry, it's all very transient and private and nobody will ever see your airport nakedness.

No, really.

If the snapshots are anything to go by, these things are just an incitement to tumours, unless the guards in charge are particularly good at Rorschach tests.