Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Are you READY for 2012??

This Junior Conspiranaut is ready for it prepared


A perfect opportunity to keep abreast of the latest in 2012 research and cutting edge thinking

...and then sit back and do fuck all about anything for the next four years

and remember

2012 Research is not a distraction




paul said...

Only 1604 Days 3 hours , 46 minutes, 56 seconds to go
Only 1604 Days 3 hours , 46 minutes, 55 seconds to go
Only 1604 Days 3 hours , 46 minutes, 54 seconds to go
Only 1604 Days 3 hours , 46 minutes, 53 seconds to go
Only 1604 Days 3 hours , 46 minutes, 52 seconds to go
Only 1604 Days 3 hours , 46 minutes, 51 seconds to go

wingnut said...

I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this? Just peruse half the intro.

paul said...

Seems to be on the money to me

Stef said...

Been there, done that

wingnut said...

Please share if you have more in this vain. I have the hitman chronicles and sod all else.

paul said...

C Wright Mills is probably an easier introduction than quigley's

wingnut said...

Thank you very much for your thoughts, but personally Mr Mills strikes me as more of an apologist who doesn't follow the money nearly as closely as he should. But you are right he does acknowledge an elite and does have credibility which is what I'm after.

As no one has a definitive (read provable) explanation for why the oil futures are going up and down like a whores drawers I'm pissed off. People getting out of short positions, speculation by busted banks with Fed money, peak oil, regulatory failures (a given) & dodgy Saudi accounting! This is a conspiraloon bubble and a half and could drive a man to drink. hic.

paul said...

Bill Engdhal has a reasonable stab at it, leveraged gambling, black box (gameable) transactions in the ICE futures market

Stef said...

As no one has a definitive (read provable) explanation for why the oil futures are going up and down like a whores drawers I'm pissed off.

Given that there currently is, more or less, enough oil in the world to meet current demand and the big spending nations are nosediving into recession anyway, current prices do seem to err on the unsustainable side

...unless someone comes up with a wizard wheeze to cut back supply sharply

A couple of JDAMS on Tehran would do the trick

Stef said...

Also, it's worth remembering that basic Conspiraloon Banking Theology teaches that after the rise comes the fall

Cue TJ...

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

The trick is, of course, getting your timing right and making sure your mates, and just your mates, know about it in advance

wingnut said...

Speculation does have a lot going for it, the CFTC are a joke and ICE makes the Yanks look daft. This to me looks too neat (hence the name) and I therefore look elsewhere. One thing is for sure that this is part of the great game and may be part of the great merican takedown.

And whilst the NYT is publishing this inexcusable crap they might go ahead anyway. No one has explained to them the conseqences of zapping facilities that are FULL of highly enriched uranium, or what a ship sunk in the straights of Hormuz would achieve. Sigh.

As for conventional economics are concerned the truth (TM) is simpler and more satisfactory plus it does have its own advocates. I think Stef might enjoy this.

Stef said...

oh yes, yes I did

paul said...

There is also michael hudson's take, that the bottleneck is in refining and shipping. Two aspects which have not grown in capacity over a fairly long period and are under the control of a very small number of agents.
And there was those oil executives (Shell,el paso corp) who had to step down for overstating reserves?

Stef said...

there is, of course, a fine line between ripping people off as much as you can and charging so much that that those people start investigating alternative products and behaviour

I would guess that particular line has been well and truly tweaked in recent months

wingnut said...

OPEC exists to control the oil supply to determine prices (ha ha ha). So if you are a member the total amount you can sell (yearly) is proportionate to the amount you claim to have buried in the ground. As you can imagine this has caused some members should I put this... Anyway because of the afore mentioned it seems everyone is in the dark and no one wants to turn the light on. Buy your peak oil boxers here.

Crustal Torque said...

The authors were stunned to discover that Paul LaViolette has been warning the world of just such a double catastrophe, in the form of a galactic core explosion, which he already tentatively linked to the 2012 end-point. The first effects would be "electromagnetic shifts...crustal torque, pole shifts, tidal waves and high winds", the second catastrophe would be "an explosion of the sun's corona caused by the influx of cosmic dust pushed by the galactic superwave".


The authors suggest that we need to prepare by performing a ceremony every equinox, in which the kabbalistic tree of life is "projected onto the Celestial sphere", a technique developed by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.