Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The Zionist Role in 9/11

It is time the Conspiraloon Alliance addressed the very serious issue of the ZIONIST role in 9/11.

What many non Conspiraloons™ fail to grasp is the FACT™ that ZIONISM exists outside of time and s p a c e and is therefore to able exercise it's EVIL!! influence on ALL!! of human history in the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE!!

A fellow TRUTH SEEKER has put together a quality piece of anti-reptilian infotainment in an attempt to wake people up to the TRUTH
. Please note the extensive and skillful use of THROBBING, fluorescent, mutli-coloured fonting that puts all lesser efforts to shame...

There are also a couple of shots of some bloke holding a BLUE PILL and a RED PILL. FUCK ME!! I wish I'd thought of that



The Antagonist said...

See how ahead of the game we are here at Conspiraloon™ Alliance. From the video sidebar, "ONE TRUE TRUTH FILMS YOU MUST WATCH - Not a jot of disinformation, not":

Alex Jones' SHITSTORM - because the July 2005 London bombings were done so Tony Blair could win the election that happened two months before!

jon doy said...

finally we get to the most important issue of our time, one which was not (aside from the murder of thousands of people to legitimise the murder of many hundreds of thousands more in the name of profit and control) in of itself a huge diversionary and divisive tactic aimed at anti globalisation types

i did go to google video to get a link to 'Open Complicity' but it failed to come up in a search, clearly, google, whose tagline is "do no evil!" are holding to that premise by preventing TRUTHSHEEPERS™ from accessing the kind of poor disinfo to good analysis ratio this film exemplifies

luckily, here's a link a nabbed earlier:

Open Complicity must be seen as it shows just how truthful the truth can be !

it even has bright colours and break beats in the score and yet contains seemingly good info !!!

of course, good info is not as compelling as the truth in the above youtube, but you could always wear some rainbow specs whilst you watch

Jon Ronson said...

You are all a bunch of spacked out mentalist cunts

and the really fucking funny thing is that I get paid to say that

Ha! Ha!

Out of the licence fee...

Which you have to pay!

Ho! Ho!

Catch you later you mental cunters

The Antagonist said...

Thanks for dropping by Jon, lovely to have you here.

By the way, it isn't Mohammed Sidique Khan who is alleged to be responsible for what happened on the Piccadilly Line so, er, no marks for your research skills in your latest piece.

Quite what it is they're paying you for, if it's not your ability to do proper journalistic research that presents FACTS™, is anyone's guess.

The Antagonist said...

Then again, I guess that's why Mr Ronson's work is broadcast as 'comedy'.

Comedy? Farcical, in fact.

Happy Wombat said...

I'll say one thing for him. He's a lot less smarmy in the relative intimacy of a comment thread than he is on the radio

Stef said...

@jon (d. not r.)

fucking hell

I'm only ten minutes into that video you posted a link to

it's a bit facty isn't it?

There had better be a happy, conspiring Zionist-packed ending or I'll have the right old hump

Stef said...

@jon (r. not d.)

I loved that piece you did with David Icke where you got all matey with him whilst at the same time didn't warn him that a bunch of people were going to humiliate him in a public place. You wouldn't be a mate of Martin Bashir would you?

Still, you did manage to highlight the fact that Icke is a bit bonkers - and not many people have done that

Stef said...

hang on, this is the real Jon Ronson isn't it

I'd be gutted if we were just talking to someone pretending to be what he's not

The Antagonist said...

hang on, this is the real Jon Ronson isn't it

I'd be gutted if we were just talking to someone pretending to be what he's not

Would it matter? The real Jon Ronson is pretending to be a journalist but he's not very good at fact checking.

Oh, wait -- silly me -- not being very good at fact checking is a requirement of professional™ journalism™ today™.

Stef said...

My crude artifice is unmasked...

jon doy said...

so, was the money shot to your approval, Stef ?

Stef said...

Still haven't got to the end yet. I tell you one thing, when the Pan Dimensional Reptilian Zionist Conspiracy is unmasked, Tiscali will definitely be found to have been at the heart of it

jon doy said...

just exactly what i was thinking

go ultramind™

sebastian coe's anal prober said...

so, was the money shot to your approval

Not quite, I ran out of Kleenex when the Duke/Duchess came over in the last post.

Stef said...

And whilst waiting for my latest delivery of TRUTH™ to finish being piped into my front room during peak domestic internet usage hours...

A word in support of Jon Ronson, or JR as I like to call him

It was through one of JR's TV shows that I first became aware of the work of that great magus Jim Channon and, in particular, the First Earth Battalion

"Rather than using bullets and munitions, Channon envisaged that this new force would attempt to conquer the hearts and minds of the enemy using positive vibrations, carrying lambs symbolic of peace and employing unconventional but non-lethal weapons to subdue others. Lethal force was to be a last resort. Members would practise meditation, use yogic cat stretches and primal screams to attain battle-readiness, and use shiatsu as battlefield first aid."

The FEB manual is available for all humanity to experience and share here...

That's not to say that JR's treatment of such promising material was actually any good, licking, as it did, donkey nuts big time and I certainly didn't buy his minging book

Stef said...

Seen it through now!!

A little bit too facty through to the end and too focused on a single, clear line of reasoning for my tastes though

But yay! Zionists!

No UFOs or Sumerian tablets though, boo!

It was a bit far fetched in places. Like that bit where it suggests that the evidence of Israeli prior knowledge is used to dismiss anyone with doubts about 9/11 as being racist

I haven't seen anyone play that card. Certainly not recently

jon doy said...

i hear the second film which is incoming supposedly soon will address those credibility issues

my fave bit i think is her constant references to the "unelected president"