Tuesday, 5 June 2007

They Walk Amongst Us

At last the truth can be told!! Using only a dirty mop head to disguise itself as a human CRONE, a 'grey' has infiltrated itself at the highest levels of the human power elite!!



Do not approach in print, televisual or physical form!!


Jon Doy said...

it's seemingly conspiring with a small Dalek that's just out of shot - you can see it's hyper plunger

The Antagonist said...

I'm guessing only the truly elite Greys can go from picture 1 to picture 3 in one shapeshifting step.

Anyone know what the galactic record for such a shapeshift might be?

jon ronson said...

It's nice to see that you're not playing into the hands of those who claim that when David Icke talks about a Lizard Conspiracy it's a thinly veiled code for Jewish people

paul said...

And who are these mysterious people, and why do they take David Icke seriously?
All conspiracies such as this must be exposed, without fear or favour.

Stef said...

and she does look like a fucking alien

The Antagonist said...

It's nice to see that Jon Ronson isn't playing into the hands of those who claim that when Melanie Phillips talks about Jewish people it's a thinly veiled code for the Zionist Imperialist Lehi Terror Gang State.

Stef said...

Right, that's it

If one more sock puppet signs onto the comment section and posts something with the J Word in it then we're going to have to seriously think about shutting the whole thing down...

melanie phillips said...


Stef said...

In other news, less than a week after the Conspiraloon™ Alliance broke its 12,000 year long silence, Conspiraloonery™ Central is already the number three result in Google when searching for 'conspiraloon'

Fine work everyone. The top spot will be ours soon enough

and then our Real Work can begin





Jon Doy said...

i'll see your ha! ha! ha!

and raise you a 'Muahahahaaahhh!!!'

The Antagonist said...

A Clusty search for Conspiraloon brings up this.

Kenadie said...

^ A conspiraloon? Him? In his dreams, maybe. Have a look at what he's said today:

" 911 Truthers are shitting bricks. This is why they are attempting to lump everything into one pile i.e
TV Fakery becomes space beams. Space beams becomes No planes. No planes becomes TV Fakery.

******* you are a fuckhead who is clearly part of the problem. You are following orders set down by your cult leaders.

***** videos are concerned with TV Fakery yet you muddy the waters with your shitpiss and tag on Beam Weapon.

your flippant statement highlights your inability to progress any futher than what your 911Truth masters tell you."

Unfortunately my built in 'superfluous word' filter only allowed 'shitting', 'shitpiss' and 'fuckhead' through. On the other hand, for that reason alone, it was one of the best things I've read all year.

lizard woman said...

Proof - I read it in the newspaper:
Alien man had dark green blood