Thursday, 28 June 2007

The Simpsons - reeking with the stench of Freemasonry


Any Conspiraloons
wishing to carry out further research into the occult connections between The Simpsons, the prophecies of Alastair Crowley, the Goat of Mendes and 9/11, as exposed in the previous post, could do a lot worse than starting with this essential resource...

especially the article entitled...

is not only stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we CAN!! imagine



The Antagonist said...

I think you've just stumbled upon the cigarette burns for the Truman show of life.

Stef said...

and it keeps coming

in the few short hours since I posted this link a new report exposing the connections between Family Guy and Skull and Bones has appeared on the site

I have been exposed to so much TRUTH!! this week it is all I can do to retain control over my primary bodily functions

The Antagonist said...

You can tell it's the TRUE™ TRUTH™ OF TRUTHINESS™ because nobody other than you and me have dared to comment on the subject.

In some respects, that's rather concerning.

Still, it's PROOF™ -- if MORE™ PROOF™ were needed -- of the TRUE™ TRUTH™ OF TRUTHINESS™ flavo[u]red Conspiraloon™ Alliance!!

The Antagonist said...

Remember, as long as you say PROOF™ and TRUTH™ like you OWN™ the words, then -- by the Power of Greyskull -- PROOF™ and TRUTH™ it is and everyone automatically forgets about minor details like evidence, proper judicial process, public scrutiny, all that sort of thing.

OWN™ PROOF™ and TRUTH™ while there's still time!


The Antagonist said...

Greyskull - no symbolism in that, was there? Surely not.

jon doy said...

wow, only been away a couple of days getting my braincap rechromed, and i have to say, i'm thoroughly impressed by the breadth of FACTS!™ and TRUTH!!!™ on display here

i have an ultimate truth in this fact heavy Simpsons expose !

that bloke - whats his face - who does mr burns' voice has been to bohemian grove don't you know, he said so...PROOF !!!™