Friday, 29 June 2007

One hour and twenty minutes of David Shayler!!

And the TRUTH just keeps coming!!

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SteveW said...

**Cod-Geordie accent**
Day 2 in the Big Brother House,and Gordons found a bomb.

Stef said...


The Antagonist said...

New Cabinet, new Reichstag fire that isn't.

Interesting that on Day 2 in the Big Brother House and Gordon's found a bomb.

From the scant news of the 21/7 trial of the bombers with no bombs: "A further charge of conspiracy to cause explosions likely to endanger life, previously faced by each man, has now being [sic] left off the indictment."

Shit, could it be because they had no bombs?

If the no bombs bombers of 21/7 have had the conspiracy to cause explosions charge dropped, what possible case is there against them?

The Antagonist said...

Er, that link should have been to this.

Stef said...

Having read the available coverage on Gordon's bomb discovery I'm having trouble connecting headlines such as 'Police avert bomb carnage' with eyewitness accounts that the bloke driving the car ran into some bins at 2 o'clock in the morning in front of some night club bouncers before running off. Were the police focusing some kind of disruptor beam on the vehicle before it crashed. We know that such technology is feasible

The Antagonist said...

The driving into bins story has been newsbrushed out of history so best you forget that.

When you say, "web based anti-reptilian activism", by activism are you referring to the cunning DO NOTHING™ type Conspiraloon™ activism that's going make everything OK by December 21122012 at around 6:30am.

The Antagonist said...

I forgot to mention....

"What was also ironic was the dramatic manner in which art has imitated life, Indian filmmakers said.

Filming of a Bollywood movie on Islamic terrorism was disrupted after Scotland Yard officers were summoned to dismantle the massive car bomb outside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in the Haymarket, causing severe dislocation of the capital’s traffic.

Peter Power's been all over BBC news today too.

More at The Telegraph, Calcutta

The Antagonist said...

Why did you post a photo of Elvis?

Stef said...

because he's alive