Thursday, 7 June 2007

The Conspiraloon™ Book Club Pick of the Month

As Veteran Conspiraloons
already know, 2012 is definitely going to be to year of the APOCALYPSE!! Our advice for Conspiraloons on a budget is to beat the last minute rush and start preparing now!! And whilst a secret underground cache of tinned food, extra silver foil and a change, make that two changes, of underwear is IMPORTANT!! development of adequate psychic defences is equally crucial.

and we can think of NOWHERE!! better to start!! than Michael Tsarion’s international blockbuster…

the critics rave

For 50,000 years the "Technocracy of Power" has indulged in SUPPRESSION and SLAUGHTER in order to conceal the truth about humankind's origins and purpose. This indispensable work signals the failure of their age-old stratagems and deceptions and is compulsory reading for those with a passionate desire to know the real origins of conflict on the planet and in the psyche

- Jordan Maxwell (author, historian, talk show host and expert on secret societies)

Atlantean Aliens are responsible for this... get angry!! get informed!! get fucked!!

For those who question ALIEN VISITATION to earth, read this book and think again

- Rick Martin (Investigative Journalist, The Spectrum Magazine)

This compelling and cogent tome comes with an impassioned plea by the author/researcher--for the reader to summon up the energy, courage, and open-mindedness to objectively consider a body of information that, at first glance, is outlandish in character and scope. This well referenced information therein is compelling in both gravity and perspective. If one can just jiggle part way out of the straight-jacketed control grid in which we live to at least consider the content, then the information in this book can be profound. Although Amazon is the best way to get most books, the nature of this book makes it a bit more difficult to find--but still, easily obtainable. Try not to gape too much when you read may drool on your lap.

- Some Bloke on Amazon

Michael Tsarion is the Conspiracy Theorist’s Conspiracy Theorist and leaves DAVID ICKE looking like David Dimbleby!!

- Me

A companion DVD containing 15 hours of LIFE SAVING!! information is also available!!

whilst he is not yet as well known as - And has never played professional football like DAVID ICKE has Tsarion does look and sound like a slap-head george best which is MILES better

Michael Tsarion

See Michael strutting his stuff at the playfully named Conspiracy Con here!!



pedant said...

I think you missed out an 'r' in "Pick"....

Jon Doy said...





Jon Doy said...

further PROOF!!!






WAKE UP !!!!!!!

to be continued...

Jon Doy said...
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pedant said...

2 0 1 2 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5
5 = 2 < 7
5 + 2 = 7
= 7 / 7
1 / 1
1 /


Jon Doy said...

i'm sorry, i had to delete the previous post as i just had a knock at the door - and have been threatened by a an operative trying to sell me a bugged set of dishmops

i already told you too much


to be continued...

wenceslas-pizza aka deep-pan, crisp & even said...

can i get my Monatomic Gold granules here?

The Antagonist said...

The Conspiraloon™ Alliance is already number 8 in the Google search results for reptilian humanoids david icke, number 3 for the royal family are reptiles conspiracy but number one top result for conspiracy royal family + lizards.

Note how the search criteria of the last entry is VERY CLOSE to the search CRITERIA YOU USE when looking for THE REAL™ TRUTH™ and that The Conspiraloon™ Alliance is NUMBER ONE GOOGLE SOURCE FOR THE TRUTH™.


The Antagonist said...

In addition to the great SEO news above, we're also NUMBER ONE FOR THE REAL™ TRUTH™ about "prince chARLES AND ALIEN HYBRID", even when it's half written in uppercase!

Yet more proof of THE REAL™ TRUTH™ to be found here at the Conspiraloon™ Alliance.

Stef said...

For the sake of research purposes I tried sitting through the video I linked to the post above. I managed to get as far as the bit about Elizabethan spaceships and the photon stargate that has been placed around the Earth to turn the planet into a prison for our Atlantean reptile overlords before I had enough and turned Question Time on instead. In hindsight, given that Melanie Phillips and Boris Beresovsky were both on QT that decision may have been a tad rash

Stef said...

PS prince Charles an Alien Hybrid

Get away

You'll be telling me that Princess Diana was killed because she was putting together a dossier of evidence that he was involved in sodomistic rapes next

Stef said...


When I said

"before I had enough and turned Question Time on instead"

I aobviously meant to write

"before I had enough TRUTH!! and turned Question Time on instead"


Stef said...


Some fine Conspiraloonacy about Prince Charles here

and a related story here