Thursday, 10 July 2008

David Davis for Freedom - The Revelation

The New Messiah and champion of Human Rights, David Death Penalty Davis, blows the gaff on the antics of the global elite in the Haltemprice farcical theatrical carefully scripted on message piss about election and campaign for true liberty and freedom in the third world fascist state called Britain.

Listen carefully to all the problems humanity faces. Just don't expect to hear any answers.

Editor's Note: The headline of this story refers to David Davis. The speaker in the video is in fact David Icke. Both Davids have Messianic qualities.


paul said...

No to 42 days!
Viva 28!

The Antagonist said...

Viva Babar Ahmad, four years internment without charge!

Viva Harry Roberts, 12 years internment without charge, even though Mr Roberts already served a 30 year tariff before the 12 years internment started!

Victories for liberty, freedom and justice.

conrad turner said...

I think I just sat through a 3 hour version of this presentation.

I thought it was a bit crap that Davis' people barred Icke from his meeting.

wingnut said...

Not fair, you just show an abridged version. You deliberately don't show that he explained how the smartest guys in the room failed to mention what they actually did. I'll give you a mo to get your lobes around the last one...originate to distribute...geddit?. Well if you didn't you will soon, round two due September. Then the messiah went on to discuss alternative central banking systems and concluded that we need to nationalise the money supply. I'm beginning to think you are all a bunch of lizard loving mentalists and the like.

Anonymous said...

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