Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Yet ANOTHER!! Conspiraloon World EXCLUSIVE!!

Yes, believe it or not, Elvis really is still alive!!

CCTV footage taken in The Oval Tube Station earlier today PROOVES
it once and for all..

And if you have any doubts check out the time stamp why don't you!!



Stef said...

on 2nd thoughts maybe it's David Shayler

now that guy really is The King, actually several if you include past lives

jon doy said...

surely, if the cctv proved he was in London that day, then that in of itself conclusively proves that Elvis shopped in Harvey Nicks - they found his credit cards scattered around the food hall in more than one location: some was discovered near the venison and veal burgers, and more found next to the stuffed crust foie gras pizzas

so the finding of his cards, coupled with his presence in London on cctv, proves he went there with the intention blowing himself up


i think

ah, now that's truth and justice, well it's a story and an in absentia conviction, which is nearly as good

for a while

The Antagonist said...

Conclusive™ PROOF™ that Elvis was a suicide bombing Nazi.

paul said...

As Bloggers are supposed to say
<start macro>
Great Research!
You really nailed him this time!!!
Well done!!!!
Makes me proud to be a cunt!!!!!
Well done!!!!
Well done!!!!
<end macro/>

National Nail A Nobody Campaign said...


We are pleased to announce the addition of another scalp to our growing collection of scalps of nobodies, making a grand total of two scalps of nobodies. We are very proud.

A major tactical victory has been scored through the subtle unnoticed use of Nazi style witch-hunts in the scalping process.

Our actions, as always, are performed in the interests of freedom, democracy and British values.

We know the political elites are trembling in their boots in case we should dare to turn our cutting investigative skills to their misdeeds and mis-speakings.

Best wishes,
The BlairWitchHunt Project for the New Anglo American Century, on behalf of the National Nail a Nobody Campaign

paul said...

Nail A nobody

Ha Ha Ha

Stef said...

making a grand total of two scalps of nobodies

Ho Ho Ho

Stef said...

and just in case you missed it

The John Lennon Hitler doll!!

as reported by the Daily Mail, who else

Stef said...

...obviously it starts to get real expensive when you start buying all the accessories

The Antagonist said...

An action-man style doll of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has gone on sale in the Ukraine, with saleswomen comparing the doll to Barbie.

Of course, they must mean Klaus Barbie!

The Antagonist said...

Coming right on cue here's Klaus himself, playing with his little Hitler.

Stef said...

alternatively, from Amazon

"WWII Adolf Hitler the Chancellor Action Figure"

as one glowing reviewer says

"This doll is a wonderful reproduction of Ol' Grumps himself, Adolf Hitler. Mr. Hitler, the doll, comes dressed in his usual Hitler garb, complete with over-starched collars and a variety of medals awarded for mass murder. Hitler also comes with a Nazi coat, Nazi hat, Nazi patch and an alternate and even angrier head! This doll is perfect for propping behind a tiny podium and shouting in German from behind a curtain (just read from a German dictionary, your audience will never know the difference!) while simultaneously horrifying your grandparents. Sometimes I'll bring the Hitler doll to mass just to keep my kids quiet and entertained with something. People often stare, jaw-dropped, in complete awe of the doll's stunningly accurate hairline and bitter scowl. The only complaint is that his angry, shouting face might set a bad example for children. I recommend popping off the head and replacing it with the head of Dr. Venkman from Ghostbusters to allow Hitler a more humorous and mischievous demeanor. C'mon, Hitler, you old fuddy duddy; the sun's out!"

Tom said...

and just in case you missed it

I did, thanks for that. The comments underneath the story are mildly amusing too.

Do they do Margaret Thatcher and then you could buy a set?

And these are the people the shameful EU welcomes and who we have to allow free access to our country. For all our sakes free us from the yoke of EU oppression.

They could have a Mussolini doll too with a selection of flags depending upon which side the child wishes to depict him supporting.

This is disgusting but I'm not surprised. Ukrainians were the guards for the concentration and death camps.