Thursday, 3 April 2008

One to watch

Orange Flavor Bang

At last, the most unimaginably carnagerous plot of all time, comes to trial. As the methods supposed to be employed were, frankly, impossible; you have to wonder how they're going to fill up eight fucking months over this bullshit. A preposterous stunt to promote one of the monsters that have crawled from the sewer of Lanarkshire politics, has finally fetched up in court to chill and thrill the nation.
Excellent background work has been done by the Winter Patriot , especially on the charmed life of the 'mastermind' Rashid Rauf. A man who our government didn't seem terribly worried about not getting back.
Clearly, he's no Andrei Lugovoi.
The guardian reports the prosecutor saying:

The Tang would help in creating the explosion!! Wright said.

"When Tang, which is an energetic compound, because of the material from which it is made ... is combined ... it is capable of creating an energetic mixture that can be detonated!!

This document gives an insight into the this tangy, bangy terror drink:
2 tspns 90 calories
The prosecution reading of the terror notes suggest using:
one teaspoon Tang!!
Adding a full 45 calories to this cocktail of death!!


Anonymous said...

your winterpatriots link is a bit mangled mate.
Are there any journalists looking at this liquid bomb bullshit and calling it bullshit?Or are they all corporate cocksucking whores with mortgages to pay?
I don't know how the likes of john snow and krishna guru fuckwit can look at themselves in the mirror.How do they keep a straight face when they parrot this shite.

jon doy said...

i daresay: all mirrors and reflective surfaces are removed or obscured during 'on air' moments, otherwise the actors, - i mean reporters - tend to either cry or giggle when they become conscious of the fact that it really is them talking all that shit, many of the reflective surfaces are covered up with posters reminding the actors just how much money they are paid to seem genuine, which works quite nicely, for those for whom such fiscal reminders fail, an iv drip of aspartame, fluoride, and msg usually fixes things

paul said...

Link fixed
Are there any journalists looking at this liquid bomb bullshit and calling it bullshit?Or are they all corporate cocksucking whores with mortgages to pay?

It certainly looks that way

jon doy said...

mortgages to pay ?

paul said...

Homelessness is a powerful incentive scheme for up and coming news hounds

Anonymous said...

the winterpatriot link is a doozie.
someone should send that one to the defence counsel.I don't understand how the police and CPS can seriously prosecute.Its just too stupid a plan.Its an insult to the intelligence of even a frigging sun reader.But even as I speak, Paxman Lite on Channel 4 news has just introduced Simon *Israel* live from woolich CC with scarey blue liquid graphix and suicide videos.Revenge for actions by america,britain and JOOS wooooo.

Stef said...

Looking on the bright side, at least those TERROR bastards were stopped before they could get their hands on a supply of Mentos!!

Anonymous said...

lol mentos..I'm gonna grass you up for enabling terrorism-the dozy buggers would have done more damage with a bottle of coke and a packet of mints.
On how journalists keep a straight face - I think theres a harley street vulture just out of camera shot with a big syringe full of botox.

Brian Keeno said...

Run out of proper dishwasher powder? Use Tang!

Run out of proper toilet cleaner? Use Tang!

Run out of proper oranges? Use Tang!

Run out of proper explosives to cause unprecedented carnage on a transatlantic flight? Use Pop Rocks!


The Antagonist said...

Conspiraloon Exclusive!!! Capitalism and profits stop for no man, nor any terrorism trial.....

See how amazing Cillit Tang® really is! Discover which Cillit Tang® is right for you.

Cillit Tang® - blow your housework away.

The Antagonist said...

.... or should that be Illicit Tang®?!

herman said...

Are there any journalists looking at this liquid bomb bullshit and calling it bullshit?

In a word, NO.

There is, however, the Postman's piece "Did Postman Patel Pervert the course of Justice?. Follow the links to the (non-UK) mirror where you'll find this.

Read the (Tapes, Receipts and Diary) details of the alleged airline plot & learn that the flat where the 'suicide bombers'made their alleged 'suicide/martyr videos' had pre-hidden video & audio surveillance recording devices installed (-must've been left there by the vendor's agents) & that the Special B's /Mi5 raided the place immediately on the day that (a sufficient number of) the home/karioke/suicide/they've been framed videos had been recorded.

Yet another case of on/off radar prior surveillance of a bunch of recruited wannabees/patsies (ala Crevice/Hamid/J21).

Brace yourselves for 8 months of screaming headlines (well at least when the prosecution story is being pantomined in court). Watch the PII curtain descend when the defence case begins.............all under the auspice of national security, of course..........

paul said...

In case you're curious about how much it costs to bring these people to justice:

Operation Overt and Operation Overamp were undertaken in response to the MPS uncovering a major terrorist plot to blow up aircraft in mid-flight and in reaction to the anti-terror raids at an Islamic School in Sussex and a Chinese Restaurant in South London. The estimated cost of Operation Overt and Operation Overamp, to the MPS up to the 31 March 2007 is £37,663,000 (including £14,611,000 estimated opportunity costs and £23,052,000 estimated gross additional costs before inclusion of counter terrorism grant (£2.5m) resulting in net expenditure of £20.55m). It has not been possible to identify and separate the cost of each operation due to the overlap in deployment between Operation Overt and Overamp in respect of MPS officers and officers from other Forces providing mutual aid.