Monday, 28 April 2008

The Next Step to the Mark of the Beast

This one's a Conspirapedic
aural quarterpounder with all the extras. It's got the lot - pyramids, Nazis, slavery, fiat money, Moloch, some more Nazis, sheep, ID cards, Biblical prophecy and, of course, a Teutonic-sounding electro-metal backing track...

if it doesn't sound like
Rammstein it's not a True
Conspiratune™ - accept no alternative!!



Stef said...

if it doesn't sound like Rammstein it's not a True™ Conspiratune™ - accept no alternative!!

alright, soundtracks from John Carpenter films are OK too

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a poor-man's KMFDM (they are Satanists you know...) and to cap it all off it has an allusion to Revelations.

I'm so inspired I'm nipping out to piss in a telephone box.

Stef said...

well spotted

it is in fact everyone's KMFDM

notable former fans include Eric Harris

so yes, an interesting choice for the backing track to a Truth video

in their favour, they have crossed beams and collaborated with Giorgio Moroder in the past - much to the confusion of Donna Summer fans everywhere

Stef said...

telephone boxes have never been the same since they started doing away with the old-style enclosed ones

why they couldn't have just taken the phones out and replaced them with a couple of tubes of bog roll I just don't know

it's political correctness gone mad

or the EU

one of the two

maybe both