Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Peanut Butter - The Atheist's Nightmare!!

It looks like someone has been sneaking Truthons™ into America's favourite sandwich filling...



Alex Fear said...


Everyone knows bananas are the atheists nightmare... sheesh!

Highland Free Press said...

Believe it or not I just have peanut butter and marmite sandwitch.

I am a veggie - my experiments in creating new life are ongoing.

I expect to creat a carbon based blond with long legs and a willing attitude.

That will show that food industry specialist.

Anonymous said...

Get your welding masks out,people-shield your eyes from the divine light.
Behold - a message from TEH DAVID!
He has not forsaken us!

The Antagonist said...

Bathe in the anointed ones' illuminating light and wait for the universe to change shape.

Do Nothing™, everything will be fine.

Especially when the fine upstanding bastions of integrity, honesty and justice that are governments start printing their own money.