Wednesday, 9 January 2008

The One True Messiah™ gets Funkkkky!!

Great News Messiah fans!!

Not merely content with his consistently high ranking in the Conspiraloon
Top 10 Messiah Chart, Muad'Dib is launching an assault on the conventional terrestrial music charts...

Long Live the Funksters!!



Anonymous said...

Hey be careful! That font may well be scooped up for use on the new Ameriollar. My spidey sence sees a lot of hidden meaning within.

Any dib's early stuff was much better.

Anonymous said...

Your site rocks.

Actually, you should make a few entries to the Annual Conspiracy Hunt. They are offering prizes.

The Antagonist said...

We could do that long standing conspiracy theory about the big invisible bearded man in the sky that Tony Blair is praying will save him from the gallows.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Tony believes in the big bearded bloke in the sky.
As he's just joined the Cult of Mary he will be praying to a statue to save him.

Stef said...

My vote goes on that conspiracy theory about a bearded man in an underground base controlling an international criminal network

That's a corker

Stef said...

.. whichever theory wins beards will feature in there somewhere

Stef said...

/ lapsed beardie

Anonymous said...

I notice that space aliens don't have beards.

William Fake said...

There once was a fellow named Maud'Ibble
Whose daubings were probably audible
He thought it was nice
To proclaim he was Christ
And the BBC gave him a Panorama special

It needs some work.

Filliam Wake said...

There was a ex-government spook called Shayler
Who proclaimed to the world he was saviour
He lived on a skunk farm
Where the profits he did harm
With his messianic smoking behaviour

Anonymous said...

aw, those poor skunks!