Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A little something to while away those long winter nights

Masonic Board Game!!

The Masonic Board Game is a different Masonic educational tool. Developed specifically for the Masonic body, the Masonic Board Game is a fun and exciting way to learn or teach about Freemasonry! The board game is made of top quality materials, all cards feel firm and the board is very solid.

Masonic Board Game uses:

  • Further Masonic knowledge in Brothers.

  • Raise interest for all Brothers to study and increase Masonic knowledge.

  • "Game board night" at your house or lodge.

  • Masonic knowledge "competitions."

  • Use the Game Board as a "decorative" item to spark interest and promote Freemasonry in a positive manner.

  • As one lodge pointed out, great in-lodge raffle item, promotional, or other special lodge event item.

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Hours of Fruity Fun said...

Pick a Blood-Curdling Oath card

Do Not Go To Jail

Pick a Baphomet card: Baphomet has black-balled you

Go back to square one

Throw again, and again, and again

Col. Mustard under the bridge with the ligature

etc etc

Stef said...

Col. Mustard under the bridge with the ligature

Do Not Go To Jail


paul said...

Great for keeping the kids amused while they're stuck in the dungeon

Anonymous said...

I heard there are a number of accessories to this game, including coffin, plunger and kleenex and can be bought together with a 10% discount. Roumer has it it can be found in Hamleys basement.

The Antagonist said...

Featuring 33 squares, not including the all seeing eye of the Grand Architect.

They've stopped shipping the noose accessory to any orders from Bridgend.