Monday, 28 January 2008

Announcing the Conspiraloon™ One True Antichrist™ of the Year™ awards 2008


Just a reminder that the deadline for nominations for this year's One True Antichrist™ of the Year contest closes on 31st of this month

Please send your nominations, along with supporting calculations and the all-important £100 (cash only) administration fee to the usual PO Box

Please also remember that incomplete applications, i.e. any which fail to include...
  • reference to at least one Biblical prophecy
  • at least one astrological chart
  • photographic proof that your nominee's earthly kingdom has been announced by way of coded symbolism hidden in the retail packaging of at least one popular household product
  • a numerological connection between some variation of the nominee's name and The Mark of the Beast (no less than two A4 pages long, please)
  • a photograph of an exploding star
...will be rejected automatically

For anyone who hasn't prepared an application before here's an example of how it's done -

Is the Antichrist Russian President Putin?



paul said...

Looks to me like revelations13, with the help of john mctiernan, tom clancy and van eyck, has it nailed on.

fad of devil's hash said...

I claim my indoor shroom.

Stef said...

hmmm, impressive

cook of the north said...

This is the birth chart of the antichrist. His all-important anagrams include:

Dragon Mayors
Gonad Am Sorry
Ramrods Agony
Grandma Or Soy
Drama Orgy Son
Granary Sod Om
Gad Or Masonry
My Gonads Roar
Mad Arson Orgy
Random Or Gays
Darn Orgasm Yo
Randy Rams Goo
Yard Arm Goons
Sad Angry Room
Mangy Roar Sod
Orgasm Any Rod
Yard Or Mangos

Iain David McGeachy said...

He sang he'd Rather Be The Devil, he crooned like an angel, what's the real story?