Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Pow -El gets a proper job

Having tirelessly served the people for the last few years, rather than retreat to his ice fortress, the sinister Pow-El has opted for a little ME time:

Jonathan Powell, one of Tony Blair's closest advisers during his time as UK prime minister, is set to enter the banking world after agreeing to join one of Wall Street's biggest firms.

Morgan Stanley's NY base which, like most of these buildings, strongly resembles a big friendly owl

Don't fret, the government is still in safe, scaly hands:

The appointment will further strengthen ties between the Labour government and the US bank after Gordon Brown appointed Jeremy Heywood as head of domestic policy in June.

Mr Heywood, who quit as principal private secretary to Mr Blair in 2003, subsequently spent four years as co-head of Morgan Stanley's UK investment banking business before taking his position in Mr Brown's cabinet.

What special expertise will Pow-El bring to the house of Morgan Stanley? After all, his only real experience is in the controlled demolition of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

"Why don't you take off that itty-bitty shirt. Them panties too. "

What, beyond his "young, purdy mouth", can this modest destroyer of societies offer a merchant bank?
According to Morgan Stanley's recruitment supremo (above):

Mr Powell will be responsible for introducing the bank to important governmental and corporate clients he met during his time as aide to Mr Blair.

We have underground samizdat publication, The Daily Telegraph to thank for confirming what we at the Alliance have long suspected:

It has become increasingly commonplace for investment banks to hire former government ministers and politicians to introduce them to clients and brief them on government policy.....
Former Conservative prime minister John Major is a senior adviser to Credit Suisse while ex-German chancellor Gerhard Schröder works part-time for Rothschild.
Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi spent time with Goldman Sachs before and after his first spell as Italian leader in the 1990s.

Morgan Stanley declined to comment.

I hope you, brothers and sisters, do not feel the same way.


Stef said...

The Conspiraloon Alliance - Number THREE!! for Ozymandian Architecture on Google!!

Stef said...

Mr Powell will join Morgan Stanley's investment banking business at the beginning of January

You've got to admire Pow-El's sense of timing. Methinks not even his alien super powers are going to be able to hold back the DooDoo Tsunami that's heading his new industry's way

paul said...

I don't know, these financial types have a way of landing on their feet

The Antagonist said...

paul said...

I don't know, these financial types have a way of landing on their feet

They certainly do and perhaps there-in lies a not insignificant nub of the much wider problem, as alluded to by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed in a recent interview with the UK We Are Change crew:

"The real movement ultimately is not going to be a technical process, it's going to be a people's movement. It's about getting out there, making people aware and making people realise that we need a new system, a new political system, a new economic system, one which is not based on sponsoring terrorists."

This could, potentially, be read as, "Continuing to support the current political and economic systems in any way, without challenge is, in word and deed, sponsoring terrorists", which is not a million miles from the truth.

paul said...

What, no detailed position papers and gaily coloured placards?

The Antagonist said...

Detailed position papers? Like -- dare I say it -- a manifesto, you mean?

Stef said...

The current situation with the banks is quite an interesting one as it seems this time round some of the Big(ger) Boys might be at risk of implosion as well as the more usual 2nd tier players

There's a possibility, just a possibility mind, that this generation's controlled economic demolition might not be going exactly to plan

I say, get those grannies on the streets and queuing up outside banks ASAP. If there is going to be an inevitable meltdown better it be at a timing of Our choosing than Theirs

Comrades, wind up your grannies!!

jon doy said...

of course, it's surely only a coincidence that broadly talentless individuals appear from nowhere, get high-up jobs in government where they make lots of contacts with other high-up types, then disappear back to the nowhere they came from but now working in high-up places of high-finance

just one of those things

paul said...

broadly talentless??
Remember, this lad knows how to use his purdy mouth to explain all those dead bodies they create.
Few can do that, even if they were psychopathic enough to want to.

jon doy said...

well yes, i meant talents of any virtue in the ideal world as opposed to this alien infiltrated purgatory