Sunday, 23 December 2007

Illuminated Manuscript

Your hero and mine, Good Will Hutton has been at the guardian blackboard again! Unfortunately he's also been necking the cleaning fluid his janitor's job gives him access to!!
What, as serious minded conspiracy scientists, are we to make of this??:

Ideas start deep below public consciousness. So what have been the ideas that have incubated in 2007? Here are my five ideas - not, I am the first to concede, the only five - that I believe will surely have an impact and, in the round, for the better.
I think he means above, instead of below,an easy mistake for someone in his position, and this is a time of year for forgiveness, anyway back to the big ideas;
The controversies over Islam should not blind us to the advantage of a belief in a God who rewards good and punishes bad....non-fundamentalist faith is a source of spiritual good
By 'controversies
' I assume he alludes to the 'protocols' we at the alliance have done so much to discredit or maybe even the anti islamic rhetoric his rag has been spewing for the last few years.
It may be wishful thinking on my part, but visceral Euroscepticism increasingly seems batty - and the planks with which it is built rotting.
Wrong again, young idiot savant, euroscepticism, with the superstate's transmogrification into an educator and enforcer of market correctness and continental graft, is rightly coming into it's own. I know you're reflecting on 2007, but cast your mind back to all those protests on the hated mainland europe which dissuaded our brave government from signing up to the great constitution treaty.
The next one's a killer:
Centre-right think-tank Policy Network asks why the rich give so little to charity.
I think that's because it would reduce their richness, from which their high self worth springs.
For the first time since the 1970s, I detect a move. The case for income redistribution is being made once again.
By who? Gog Brnwo?
If that's not to your taste, how a bit of good old fashioned futurology:
Advances in neuroscience are matched by advances in social science that emphasise the early years' experience in shaping our characters. We are not born with innate dispositions. Rather, we make our destinies.
I was under the impression that no one really has a fucking clue about these things.
On to his final top five idea:
The Western enlightenment and even the US have begun to appear more attractive, the alternatives flawed.
I am lost for words, both religion, the US and the enlightenment's time has come? Simultaneously??!! All at once!!???!!!
He concludes with this hopeful note:

Maybe the world is getting better, after all.
As I said before, this is a time for forgiveness, and we should be grateful he has given us so much to forgive, the soft headed cunt.

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Stef said...

Methhinks Master Will is a very confused young man indeed

though not half as confused as anyone who tries to make sense out of what he writes