Friday, 28 September 2007

Don't leave home without one!

With thanks to Vitya
Worried about the islamofascistication™ of europe?
Invest in your own personal safety with this:

* possession of such diagrams may well be against the law by now


jon doy said...

hmm, i dunno, i think it'd be far more effective - and especially comical - to have these lifeguard tower thingies motorised and controlled with little joysticks next to the seat

can we arrange that please ?

paul said...

Patent is being applied for at this very moment

The DAVROS personal mobile anti muslim tower

jon doy said...

in a DAVROS voice: *EX-CEL-LENT* (foam latex head bobbing unrealistically as he bumps into part of the set)

call me "Abdul" said...

Got to just love these comments in the page linked above.

Ready? Here we go!

To All Non-Muslims of the world

Constitution for the new Islamic Republic of USA is under construction.
Islam is back.
We will win the West.
Islam will rule the world.
We will fight the infidels to death.
Meanwhile, American laws will protect us.
American Civil Liberty will defend us.
Democrats and leftist will support us.
UNO and Kofi Annan will legitimize us.
France and Germany will incubate us.
CAIR, ISNA will shelter us
What are you going to do? Your fate is doomed?
We are and we will bring more sharia laws from the back door and you won’t even know it.

We will capitalize on US political correctness. Your own people will go after you if you say anything against Islam or Muslim. Even after knowing these, there is nothing you can do. Allah already set things in motion for Islam to win the world.
Our children will immigrate from Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Indonesia and even from India to the US for education. America will pay for our children’s educations and their upbringing.
What are you going to do? Your fate is doome?

We will use US welfare system. Our children will also send money home while they are preparing for Jihad in the US and Europe. We will take advantage of American kindness, gullibility, and compassion, freedom of speech, non-discriminatory policy and politics. When time comes we will stab you in the back – just like 911. Only in Jihad for Islam it is OK to do so. Allah himself has instructed us to do so.
What are you going to do? Your fate is doome?

We will be nice, very nice with the Westerners on their face but will stab them when we get a chance. We will say one thing on the camera and teach another thing to our children at home. On the camera we will say Islam is peaceful, we love America. But off camera, in our dinning table we will tell our children that Jews, Christians, the US and the Europe are the enemies of Islam. We will tell our children there is nothing more important than winning the world for Islam by force or by any means. We will teach them that in this Jihad by the end even if half of the world population is wiped out even then the world would be better place than today’s world as long as the remaining people are Muslims and Muslim only. God will reward our children.

What are you going to do? Your fate is doomed?
We will put into our children’s mind that martyrdom against the West is the only objective of life. We will teach them not to compromise with Infidels and Kafirs. Once we do that from the very early age to our children then they won’t hesitate to be a martyr. We will take over the Europe and US slowly but surely. We already have a solid ground in the US, UK, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Germany.

What are you going to do? Your fate is doomed.
Our children will marry Caucasian and Spanish in Europe and in America. We will mix with intricate fabric of the Western society but still will remember to win the world for Islam – Jihad, Jihad, when times come. Who are we? We are “sleeper cells”. We look like Americans and Europeans. Our children play with theirs - soccer, baseball, football and what have you. We are your neighbors. We will raise our children to be loyal to Islam and Mohammad only.
What are you going to do? Your fate is doomed?

We will train our children for jihad and martyr. When real fighting starts we will hold our own children as our armor shield from Infidel’s bullets. When American or Israeli troops shoot at us we will hold our own babies in front of us as armor. Imagine. Imagine the news in the world newspapers — death of Muslim babies by infidels.
What are you going to do? Your fate is doomed?

We know CNN, ABC, CBS and BBC puppets of left wing democrats are broadcasting live. Al-Jazeera will pour gasoline on the fire. The news will spread like wild fire. “Americans killed Muslim babies”. “Jews killed Arab women”, “Islam is under Seize”…Entire Muslim world boil and fight. You know the rest.
Over 15 thousand of Madrassas in Pakistan, over 20 thousand in Indonesia, over 10 thousand in Iran, and almost all schools in the Saudi Arabia are churning out Islamic Robotic Jihadees. How are you going to fight us? We are already 1.4 billion.
Who we are? We are 200 million out of 1.4 billion, Walking, Talking, Non-Thinking, West-Hating, Pre-Programmed, Suicidal, Parasitic, Terrorist Robots.

What are you going to do? Your fate is doomed.
Visualize the news flash all over the world, …Moslem mothers are sobbing, ….crying. ….Her babies are killed by Jews and Americans, the whole world is watching,… live. Hundreds of millions of Muslims all around the world are boiling. They will march through Europe.= and you can do nothing. Your humanistic value will paralyze you from taking drastic actin. You are the looser.
What are you going to do? Your fate is doomed.

Palestinian issue will give us an excuse to fight with the US and Jews. Our main goal is to regain the old glory. We will use our women to produce more babies that will in turn be used as armored shield. Our babies are the gift from Allah for Jihad.
West manufactures their tanks in the factory. We will manufacture our military force by natural means – by producing more babies. That is the way it is cheaper.

We are 1.4 billion. We will double again. Do you have enough bullets to kill us?
We will always say, “Islam is the religion of Piece.”
We will say, “Jihad is actually inner Jihad.”
But behind the scene in the shelter of CAIR we will fight and win the West.
What are you going to do? Your fate is doomed.
There will be more 911 in Europe and in America.

We will say, “We do not support terrorism but America got what it deserved because of its foreign policy.”
Muslims, CAIR, ISNA and other international Islamic Organization will unite. We will partner with ACLU, with Koffi Annan, the UN, and if we have to, then even with France. War of civilization has just begun.

We will use your own higher morality and values of non-discriminating policy against you. How are you going to fight over 100 million ready to martyr and another 200 million in reserve to die for Islam and Mohammad. Have you thought about it? You thought nuclear war is unconventional? Think again. Our Islamic warfare is far more unconventional. Islamic 200 million robots are more powerful than your all atomic bombs. Your human rights and ACLU will force you not to take action. You nuclear bombs are for your curio cabinets.
Do not underestimate the power of numbers. Do not underestimate Islam being the fastest growing religion. Do not underestimate power of Walking, Talking, Non-Thinking, West-Hating, Suicidal, Parasitic, Preprogrammed, Terrorist Robots.

Saudi Arabia’s $100 billion investment over the last 3 decades on over 60 thousands Madrassas and school all over the Islamic world is finally paying off. While the West was busy inventing medicine, increasing life expectancy, elevating human suffering, decoding human gene to find cure for Cancer, heart disease etc, launching space shuttle, inventing internet, working on new laws/theory for human rights, developing new economical models for a more prosperous world, while ACLU was gaining control over common sense, while American ingenuity was benefiting the rest of the world, we Muslims were busy producing over 200 million out of 1.4 billion, Walking, Talking, Non-Thinking, West-Hating, Pre-Programmed, Suicidal, Parasitic, Terrorist Robots. You can’t win. Genni is out of the bottle.
What are you going to do? You are doomed?

suicidal Muslims robots in tens of thousands of Islamic Madrassas, schools and Mosques all over the world. Now we are ready. It is too late for you now. You can’t win. Genni is out of the bottle.
Islam will rule the world.

You can save your nukes to decorate your curio cabinets. We got you by the balls. Europe is shaking, Mr. Bush is pissing in his pant. Islam is coming to rule the US. We got UN in our pocket.
21st Century Islamic Warfare
Let’s see the effectiveness of Islamic warfare.
Muslims Vs. the West.
THE RULE HAS CHANGED. There is new game in town.
Bill Clinton order 50 Tomahawks Cruise missiles costing $100,000,000 to destroy $50 mud houses belonged to Osama’s family. What a stupidity? What a poor ROI (Return On Investment)
In return Osama’s attack on the US.
Cost: 19 martyrs and less than $500,000
Cost to the West:
over 3,200 dead.
At least $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) dollars economical loss in one year. This includes the ripple effect.
Osam’s ROI with respect to:
life = 3,200/19 = 160 fold
dollar = $1 tr./500K = 2,000,000 fold
That is modern warfare.
The West will loose.
Islam will rule the world. There is nothing you can do. Even if the per capita GDP of the world drops to half of its present level as a consequence of Islamic laws in place all over the world but still Islam will rule the word.
Jihad, ..Jihad…Jeeehaaad…
You are destined to loose.

Et cetera

Sincerely, Clueless White Middle Class Christian keyboard monkey troll making 'WOOOOOOOOOOOOO' ghost noises as he types (CWMCCKMTMWGNAHT for short)

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Stelios said...

Free europe from islam !

the first keyboard monkey back again said...

Your fate is doomed?

paul said...

Got to just love these comments in the page linked above.

You certainly find some amazing characters on the internet

Stef said...

Until some of that otherwise wasted space on the framework of those towers includes mounting points for a battery of non-lethal but nevertheless incredibly painful weapons I won't be buying one