Friday, 14 September 2007

Conspiraloon Exclusive - BBC had foreknowledge of the Messiah - *** EXCLUSIVE PICTURES ***

The image above shows the point at which BBC World announced the collapse of World Trade Centre building 7, which wasn't hit by a plane, on 11th September 2001, some 23 minutes before it actually collapsed, complete with their on the spot reporter, Jane Standley, standing in front of the the proudly still standing World Trade Centre building 7.

In keeping with the BBC's crystal-ball style of reporting, the picture below shows how the BBC implied the impending Messianic future of the man formerly known as David Shayler to the world in September 2006, almost a complete year before David Brian Shayler himself was told by his MI6 bosses annointed as the last living incarnate of the Jeshua consciousness by none other than Mary Magdalene, better known to tabloid readers as the Whore of Babylon.

For anyone that thinks that the BBC didn't know about the pending controlled demolition of Building David Shayler, just check the email address the chosen one had chosen for him!!!!


The Antagonist said...

How drunk is Gloria Hunniford in that video?

The Antagonist said...

Good to see David quoting the words of Jesus well in advance of actually becoming Jesus.

jon doy said...

skilful editing by the producers of Shayler's well timed eye rolling when that pompous arse is saying something about 'evidence of mistakes' - clever touch there, translates in the mind of the viewer as "oh, Shayler is taking the 'cock up' and trying to make it look like a 'conspiracy', phew, what a nutjob, and now the smart not-at-all-pompous arse has pointed out what a cock up 911 was, Shayler's rolling his eyes"

i couldn't be bothered to catch the pompous arse's name, but i think he writes for some arsepaper called 'the daily mail' ?

"sceptical journalist" ? yeah, righto, anything you say - isn't there a picture of you blowing a goat at bohemian grove ?

jon doy said...

and, i think she was very drunk

Shayler, on the other hand, seems to have been practising his 'scary man' look all morning

which helps

The Blobfish said...

Some people have argued that a controlled demolition of David Shayler is simply not credible on that basis that it would have taken teams of specialists at least two years to wire him up for implosion and someone would have noticed them crawling in and out of his arsehole

I say they weren't looking hard enough