Thursday, 7 July 2011

Weird Colour Television

An excellent and interesting interview on, amongst other things, the 4.5 million fiat Sheridan show trial.
Slightly marred by the director being either:
high on recreational drugs,
had just been given a dvd of 'Day for Night',
desperately trying to distract from the subject matter.


Lord Muad'dib of Canvey Island said...

Give me back my stone, my precious stone

Stef said...

I have reason to suspect that the previous comment was made by a false false messiah and was not penned by the One True Lord Muad'dib

A few days ago, on the road to Dagenham, I was struck by an epiphany so crystal bright it almost blinded me

Are we not all part of the Cosmic Consciousness?

Does that not mean that Tony is part of the Creator?

Does it not follow therefore that he is truly a Son of God, as we all are?

There's been a fair bit of piss-taking of Tony on this blog and I, for one, have seen the light and have vowed to lay off

Is not The Miracle of the Bullet-proof Defence against Driving Offences (cash only) enough?