Wednesday, 6 July 2011

"Trust no-one except your family. And, even then, check them out once in a while"

A more recent outing from Dr Parenti.


Stef said...

Amy Goodman warning us about controlled opposition


The Antagonist said...

That sentiment was a tweet from last night that never made it into the ether, a la:

Zizek and Assange, interviewed by Amy Goodman, could anything be more futile.

Anonymous said...

That's Capt Joyce Riley @ 1m15s, I think it was her ex-husband Dave von Kleist who produced the 9/11 film 'In Plane Sight'.

The Antagonist said...

And, making a special appearance @7m20s Nico Haupt, of We Live in Public / Quiet / CIA interrogation / humiliation infamy.

Nico later went on to become one of the pioneers of No-Planes Theory, which the Conspiraloon Alliance trumped with the (sadly now disappeared) No Buildings Theory.

Stef said...

A quick game of Conspiraloon Connections...

Nico Haupt employed by Josh Harris'

Harris later admits that was a 'fake company'

Josh confides in friends that he believes the FBI is investigating him for being connected with 9/11

Stef said...

Dave von Kleist was, of course, king of the 9/11 Pod People

Presumably those were holographic pods fitted to Nico's holograhic aeroplanes

Fortunately, this kind of cognitive disruption is clearly restricted solely to the US and absolutely, positively doesn't happen anywhere else, especially the UK

The Antagonist said...

"Nico Haupt employed by Josh Harris'"

From which comes: "We had guests like Jaron Lanier, who came on and played his oboe and smelled bad."

Jaron Lanier (complete with deliberate link to Lanier's much-hated Wikipedia) says "You are not a gadget" and bangs on endlessly about what he calls "Digital Maoism".

In essence he, and his ilk, have a big problem with the heresy that is people doing things, and things being done, collectively.

The Antagonist said...

"Josh confides in friends that he believes the FBI is investigating him for being connected with 9/11"

Quote about modern-day Harris circa August 2009: "Is also delusional. Salkin experienced Harris' insanity first hand when Harris explained that he thinks the F.B.I. went after him for being connected to 9/11."

The free-for-all orgyfest that was Quiet was located a stones-throw from the World Trade Center. And, despite all the sex, drugs and ammo available in the techno-dystopia assisted in its "concentration camp" like set-up by 'ex' CIA interrogators, was unpoliced -- under the auspices of the ever-fragrant New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani -- for almost the entire duration of the 'experiment'.

It wasn't until shortly after the turn of the Y2K-hysterical century (9 short months before the day the world apparently changed) -- by which time the little We Live in Public 'experiment' had garnered all it needed to know -- that the 'experiment' was raided and shut down.