Monday, 18 July 2011

The Stars Look Down

Warrior - on screen and off

Twinkle eyed Nespresso pusher George Clooney is not just lending his allure to the Anglo/American/Israeli balkanisation of Sudan.
In possibly the least grass roots effort at popular agitation yet seen, he's launched his own fucking satellite.
For why?
Naturally enough, to alert us to humanitarian atrocities in resource rich areas.

In the glow of South Sudanese secession, Gorgeous George is reporting for duty, to remind us that the work has just begun, that North Sudan must be liberated from its wealth too.

And what has he turned up?
Allegedly, mass graves in South Kordofan, just on top of the oil!

These blurry photos will, of course, require military intervention at some point. But, until the time is right, sadly unwed George is tasked with playing the intro music.

I used to think hollywood superstars were merely superficial and vain. I am shocked they exhult in the same sickening violence in real life as they indulge in on screen.

What a fucking cunt.

It's all a murky, depraved business and I heartily commend Keith Harmon Snow and the Global Research gang to paint a clearer picture.

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Stef said...

"Allegedly, mass graves in South Kordofan, just on top of the oil!"

I was always under the impression that oil was formed from dead brown people

Like diamonds