Saturday, 23 July 2011

The New Face of the Mythical Al Qaida

NikErgo: "The Sun are disgusting! In Norway we are grieving the murder of at least 91, and you lie! Shame on you!"
JR_Gardner: "Idiots. This had NOTHING to do with Al Qaeda. #don'tbuythesun"
Jinky71: "The Scum. And I mean the newspaper."
The winning comment so far is:

HyattCoolum: "You have to remember that The Sun is written by cunts for cunts."

And the new Face of Far-Right Christian Zionist Al Qaida looks a little bit like a Great White Brotherhood Aryan Master Mason.

Master Mason, the Cold-Blooded Al Qaida Killer known as Anders Behring Breivik
Are there no lengths to which those dastardly Al Qaida Muslims won't go to try and pin global terror attacks on the true perpetrators of the attacks?


paul said...

A telegraph commenter firmly grasps the wrong end of the stick:

"i think it is now becoming very clear that voters must vote for parties that will stop Muslim immigration to Europe. I mean stop altogether!! "

The Antagonist said...

I wonder how that commenter proposes to prevent the existence of white people in countries historically populated by predominantly white people?

Speccy Can't said...

If we had succeeded in wiping out the Muslim population during the first round of the crusades, white people would be incapable of thinking this sort of thing up for themselves.

paul said...

After a difficult few months, the phone hacking community can hold their heads high again.
This is definitely up there with Hillsborough.

Alex Jones said...

How can this be? If only there was a bald "criminologist" with a British accent on the scene to break this down for the listeners out there at home.

Stef said...

The only genius British criminologist preparing threat matrices on the side of the angels that I'm aware of is busy elswhere...


The Antagonist said...

^ He's too busy trying to set legal precedents so that non-official-conspiracy theorists can be dismissed from their place of employment without challenge.

And Farrell comes -- along with all the Truth™ Messiahs™ (TM™ / T™M™) -- replete with rather a lot of the god-fearing Boyle-in-the-Bag Christian cultistry baggage that is fully supported by the cut-and-paste propaganda arm of the Theosophist Methodology™ (TM™) of Speculation and Artifice as Truth (TM™SAT™).

Anonymous said...

TM™SAT™ is actually the name of the satellite device used to broadcast this crud to planet earth from low-orbit loondom.

Anonymous said...

^ Coincidence? I think not.

Anon said...

All my neighbours buy The Sun.

If you ask my neighbours what happened in Norway, they'll say it was attacked by Moslems.

- Aangirfan

The Antagonist said...

Like it says in big letters in the original post:

"The Sun is written by cunts for cunts."

The Antagonist said...

Written by cunts, like the cunt Dominic Mohan, who said a while back:

"I believe the Sun is the best paper on the planet. It is a privilege to take over as editor and I cannot wait to get started."

What a cunt.

The Antagonist said...

The question is: Who fed and who approved for publication/broadcast all the obviously unverified (and at the time, unknowable) "Muslims-done-it" stories that appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, BBC, even Russia Today, and all the rest of them, who were, and still are, all proudly attributing blame to "Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami (the Helpers of the Global Jihad)"

And who issued the claim of responsibility from Ansar al-Jihad al-Alami with such alacrity?

Anonymous said...

The shooter looks like a young Alex Jones.

paul said...

Who fed and who approved for publication/broadcast?

They just spend so much time repeating this guff, they can't do anything else.

Though there does seem to be the development of the SEI (Super Empowered Individual) idea being introduced which has the benefit of applying the war on terror to just about anyone.

scotbot said...

I think we need a new term to characterise the media, rather like how they describe bloggers collectively as the bloggersphere.

Somehow 'lamestream media' and 'presstitutes' no longer cut the mustard.

In light of the comment about cunts, I propose the 'cuntisphere'.

Any other suggestions?

scotbot said...

By the way, guys, have you heard Dutch controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko has been killed in a car crash?

No other cars involved in the accident, just his which wrapped itself around a tree.

Stef said...

tempting, very tempting

however, this could well be a term that could only be used amongst gemtleman loons once they've withdrawn into the smoking room for port and cigars, whilst the ladies are left to discuss embroidery and prettiness

as I understand it the term twunt was coined as an alternative, in deference to those women who take offence at the male inclination to equate deepy unpleasant people with lady bits

though how a fusion of twat and cunt is supposed to take our minds off lady bits eludes me somewhat

this is, of course all part of the subversive millenia-long campaign to denigrate the Sacred Feminine, as documented so meticulously by Dan Brown

Stef said...

"By the way, guys, have you heard Dutch controlled demolition expert Danny Jowenko has been killed in a car crash?"

yes, thank you - Danny was entered into the Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Hall of Fame a couple of days ago

Though, given the upsurge in SADS victims of late, it could have been easily overlooked, so thanks for sharing

Stef said...

Danny's entry did present a bit of conundrum classification-wise and he was eventually slotted into 'Probable Cause: Learning to Drive' - though it's possible he may be shunted over to a newly created WTC7 category if and when anyone figures out what happened to Barry Jennings

The Antagonist said...

"In light of the comment about cunts, I propose the 'cuntisphere'."

Once upon a time the term 'propagandists' had meaning and was used in its proper context.

We still have the same words that could be applied, but like a lot of things words appear to have lost their meaning.

Then again, if we want to keep it simple, we could just call them, 'Liars', as propagating lies and misinformation is what they're particularly good at. Of course they would cite 'editorial deadlines' and the pressures of 'fast-paced rolling news stories' as excuses, but if they're not going to check anything before publication/broadcast, then they're just as bad as the MSM's hated Blogsphere and Twitterati.

Although, curiously, they now appear to be sourcing a lot of things from those most-hated platforms.

What a conundrum.