Saturday, 9 July 2011

Nazi UFO Weekend


Watch Nazi UFO Conspiracy!

Watch The Aldebaran Mystery!

Savour Nazi Beef Spread!


paul said...

According to jay weidner, they're about 80 million kilometres out. Mars is where its at:

Yeah. The Aryans think of themselves as the 'People of the Red', or 'the People from the Red Planet'. And, when Bauer changed his name to "Rothschild", which means "red shield", he was really signifying that he was the shield for this thing, this project, which moved into high gear at the beginning of the industrial age.

And everyone's thinking that they're deforesting the planet, raping the mountainsides, enslaving people, doing all this stuff, just because there's something that has gone out of control; but it isn't.

It's all the underpinnings of a huge, secret project to develop, quickly, colonies and ships and moving gigantic amounts of goods and services across the gap between here and Mars.

And that's the truth right there.

And a lot of people are going to know this pretty soon; I'm not the only one that knows what's going on here. This is all written down, by the way, in ancient texts from India, all of this.

Stef said...

Fret not, Jordan Maxwell has been sent here from the Pleiades(400 light years away) to save us

Stef said...

and make no mistake, moving a bulk as large as Jordan Maxwell 400m, let alone 400 light years, can only be the work of god-like beings

Stef said...

That Maxwell clip comes from 'Zeitgeist Refuted', a Christian response to that widely disseminated attempt at bait and switch 'Shitegeist: The Movie'

Zeitgeist is, of course, the propaganda arm of the Venus (aka The Morning Star aka Lucifer) Project - a humanist, anti-religious enterprise with the rich, tangy taste of an anti-human religion

I recently spent an afternoon digging into Zeitgeist's sources and influences and was not especially surprised to discover that the Big Z was rooted in an interconnected web of theosophical, luciferian, new age jumbo mumbo that didn't keave me feeling all warm n fuzzy inside

It's enough to turn a boy Christian

paul said...

Never watched zeit, was under the impression they're keen on depopulation. Did you're research on the internet confirm this?

paul said...

Looking at the Venus project, you can't fault them for lack of ambition.
I just hope they know what they're doing.

Stef said...

"Did you're research on the internet confirm this?"

That would be Phase 3: Goal #4

"4. Assisting in stabilizing the world’s population through education and voluntary birth control."

However, I am immensely reassured by this factual statement...

The Venus Project is neither Utopian nor Orwellian, nor does it reflect the dreams of impractical idealists. Instead, it presents attainable goals requiring only the intelligent application of what we already know. The only limitations are those which we impose upon ourselves.

Stef said...

"I just hope they know what they're doing."

Planning our entire society on 'scientific principles' - given our masterful, all-encompassing understanding of natural systems, what could possibly go wrong?

Adam Curtis said...

But this was a fantasy

They just simply went along with it

The Antagonist said...


The fuckers are already here!!!!!!!!!

"4. Assisting in stabilizing the world’s population through education and voluntary birth control."

Like this you mean?

Contraceptive implant - Live Well - NHS Choices

Stef said...

Most insightful comment underneath that UFO clip...

'I believe this'

The Antagonist said...

^ I didn't manage to spot Jordan Maxwell House 'floating' between any of them though.

Stef said...

My past-life regressionist tells me that they're not Nazi Moon-based UFOs flying over Tower Bridge, they're a Pleiadean pizza delivery service on a humanitarian mission to maintain Jordan Maxwell at critical mass

It's only him and the Great Pyramid keeping the Earth from spinning into the Sun

Jacque Fresco said...

Some of us are bollow to follow

Some of us, a very rare few, are gifted with the vision to model themselves on a character from Star Trek and get as much commune-based hippie poontang as they can handle

I pity the masses

paul said...

Would you be offended, monsieur fresco, if I said your stuff looked a little...old fashioned?

Stef said...

'bollow to follow'

that would be the DMT presumably

Stef said...

"Would you be offended, monsieur fresco, if I said your stuff looked a little...old fashioned?"

True conoscenti of authentic futurism appreciate that The Eagle offered an essentially timeless vision of the future which transcends the epherimeral nature of mere fashion

I present Mekonta - Venusian City of The Future

paul said...

Now that stuff is beautiful, and timeless