Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Here We Go Again

A big problem with the many thousands of terrorfascists is that they all look alike to our innocent western eyes. For example, cast your gaze over these lads.

Do they perhaps remind you of these lads?

That's because they are,unbelievably, the same.

Even though The Department of Terror claims thousands of deadly plotters, it seems to prefer trying the mentally impaired, the mentally impaired and this bunch, who seem pretty mentally impaired.

This has not, however triggered a class memory amongst the news hounds of the hated mainstream media. It's not yesterday's news to them.

Not a single report mentioned the failure to convict them over the airline bomb plot last year.
It's highly probable they are experiencing a temporal dislocation similar to that popularised by the revisionist police drama; 'Life on Mars', and they are all reporting from the past.

It would be understandable as the shocking, chilling details are eerily alike.

Mr Wright, prosecutor, spouting rubbish about what might have happened if everything had been completely different, the same eviltronic memory sticks and the fucking juice bottles of death.
Is this then, or is it now?

It's true what they say, there are too many repeats on these days. This edition must contain some hilarious behind the scenes out-takes, as it's set for a mammoth ten month run, compared with the lean six of the first trial. Who knows, might we see a surprise guest appearance from the allegedly dead alleged mastermind Rashid Rauf?

Still, if you'd spent £37 million sterling (back in the days when a pound was a pound) you'd want another go I suppose.

Update: For legal reasons the latest jury has been discharged, poor old Mr Wright will have to do his Vincent Price act all over again.

That'll cost a few bob.

More over at aangirfan.

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