Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Mystic Met

It's always a difficult question, should you use your precognitive abilities to predict what powers you will need from the government, or to foil wrongdoing?
After a series of 'disappointments' in the 'foiling wrongdoing' bit, our guardians seem to have gone for the former. Indeed, Chief Plod Lionel Blair today emerged from an oracular trance to declare:

"The prospect that we will need more than 28 days some time in the not too distant future is so real a prospect that Parliament needs to consider it!!!"

Being one of those perfectly reasonable people who sees plots everywhere, he confided:

"The number of the conspiracies, the number of conspirators within those conspiracies and the magnitude of the ambition, in terms of destruction and loss of life, is mounting, has continued to mount year by year!!!"

Sir Lionel added that while no cases so far had needed detention beyond 28 days it was, like the implosion of our sun:

'only a matter of time!!!'

A word of caution.....Lionel's powers have betrayed everyone else him before...can we be sure he's got it right this time???

Watch out terrofascists, I've got plans for you!


Stef said...

Ian Blair is a cunt

Stef said...

that observation came from the heart btw

The Antagonist said...

Amazing really. Mystic Met can foresee all these 'terror' 'attacks' that never happen before they happen, yet they're not so fucking clever at spotting and stopping 'terror' 'attacks' that have happened before they happened.

Not so much 'crystal ball' as 'crystal bollocks'.

No jokes about Lionel Blair as such banter is, like most other things, illegal according to the rules set by the ruling class criminals that we haven't got rid of yet.

paul said...

be strong, young antling,all is designed to test you, and me

The Antagonist said...

DM: Testing, testing.

PC: No, no, don't test any longer.