Saturday, 6 October 2007

Idiot joins legal organisation, does nothing, then leaves legal organisation

Forget about faking phone-ins, mocking our monarch and cynically renaming cats! This,brothers and sisters, is what we pay our colour television license for:

Intro: 'Hello, I'm Jeremy Vine and I'm a cunt, presenting a programme about some Cambridge prick, for wankers who swallow all this shit about muslims taking over Denmark UK THE WORLD. Enjoy!'*

Part One: Idiot radicalised by colour television.

Part Two: Scary Foreigners speaking foreign languages, idiot does nothing

Part Three: Idiot de-radicalised by colour television.

*first draft of shooting script, not included in broadcast edit


jon doy said...

the man's literally a blinking fool (see the first few moments of part three) ...or should that be blinking liar ?

Tony said...

Go tell the world:

Tony said...

BTW: There is more here:

Stef said...

The important lesson to take away from this powerful testimony is that we in the UK are incredibly lucky that it's only Muslims who join fruity little clubs dedicated to the subversion of our freedoms

Learn it well