Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Darkness in New Middle Earth

The newswires are glowing red hot concerning extremist activity in New Zealand. As usual these cases provide valuable information on how to identify these hotheads. A mere 300 kiwi plods took only a year to infiltrate and gather evidence on over 16 * of these miscreants. The focus seems to be on the character Tame Iti

(parental guidance!!! scary bad guy pic coming up).

"Mr Iti at his most relaxed"

Tame shuns the traditional interests of his community (substance abuse, unemployment, being in prison, suicide) and
"advocates full Maori independence"
Don't confuse him with this man:
who also shuns the traditional interests of his community (substance abuse, unemployment, being in prison, suicide) and

"advocates full Scotch Independence"

One is a bad guy and the other isn't**.

Extremist awareness fans like ourselves will recognise these tell-tale signs supplied by chief kiwi copper, Howard Broad:

The numbers of people attending the camps had been in the "tens", he said.

The people involved had been of varying ethnicities, with a raft of different "motivations" for attending.

Training involved the use of firearms and other weapons for "military-style" activity***.

wost of all, the telegraph adds:
Those arrested included environmental protesters and so-called peace activists.
*17 is the full terrifying number
**This may depend on membership of the Scotch Labour Party.
***Lucky bastards,our lot have to make do with imaginary firearms


Stef said...

though it's not all bad news from New Zealand...


Stef said...

and it would also seem that New Zealand security forces haven't quite got the hand of this police state thing just yet...

"Christchurch raid

Police spokeswoman Kay Calder said one search warrant was executed in Christchurch this morning in connection with the nationwide anti-terrorism raids but no arrests were made.

Christchurch-based environmental lobbyist and anti-mining group Save Happy Valley Coalition appears to have been targeted in this morning's raids.

Coalition spokeswoman Frances Mountier said police arrived at her Christchurch house this morning without a search warrant.

"The police visited our house, but they didn't have a search warrant so we sent them away again," she said.

Ms Mountier said the police didn't explain why they called at her house and she was unaware of any other coalition members being targeted in the raids today.

The police hadn't returned with a warrant after being shown the door."


Stef said...

One thing worth bearing in mind when reading comments such as 'the numbers of people attending the camps had been in the "tens" is that because New Zealand has such a tiny population "tens" of people there are equivalent to something like seven or eight million people in a real country. It's all relative

paul said...

tens of people there are equivalent to something like seven or eight million people in a real country.

So what does that make 300 coppers?
<thinks>10 x 8million x 30 = 240 million </thinks>

I consider the odds to be well on the side of law'n'order.

jon doy said...

bravo for pointing out the hypocrisy of these 'natives' wanting freedom down there in NZ

and right too that you also point out that Scotch peeps have every right not only to dictate to their poor southern cousins from the highest seats of that parliament place of ours, and that, as anglo saxons or whatever, they do have the right to seek independence, i mean, they're indigenous people ffs - unlike them Maoris, who afaik are illegal immigrants

as for the promiscuity, i don't know if those stats are accurate, but certainly Buckinghamshire, and Cornwall, two places i've spent some years in, seem to buck the trend - not that i know from personal experience you understand - i just witness the "you fucked so and so" girly fights out of my window...put it this way, Buckinghamshire is often referred to as Fuckinghamshire - top of the chart i would say is Marlow, with a huge population of sad, Allsaints and lauren laverne lookielike slappers...classy gals all

The Antagonist said...

Rally In Opposition To Threat Of Terror Charges
Friday, 19 October 2007, 10:27 pm
Press Release: Global Peace And Justice Auckland
Private Bag 68905, Newton,Auckland. www.gpja.org.nz

19 October 2007

Media Release:
Rally In Opposition To Threat Of Terror Charges

Supporters of those arrested in para-military police raids this week will gather at 12noon tomorrow (Saturday) in Aotea Square to demand the police abandon the threat of anti-terror charges. Speakers from a range of groups will address the gathering and we will be calling for -

* No terror charges

* Immediate bail for all arrestees (innocent until proven guilty)

* Government to withdraw the Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill

* Defence of our civil rights

SIS involvement
There was no surprise to learn today that the SIS was involved in the gathering of "intelligence" against those arrested this week. It seems clear the quality of the information matches that which the SIS produced against Ahmed Zaoui. This is an organisation living in its own dream.

The SIS has struggled to justify its existence for many years. It failed to prevent New Zealand's only terrorist attack (the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior by French government agents) and has botched every attempt since, the latest being the Zaoui case. It has now colluded with the police in this week's Urewera farce.

Name Suppression
We understand the personal situations which have led to name suppression being sought by most defendants. They have been put in an impossible situation by the police's dramatic over-reaction this week. Unfortunately this prevents the public seeing and understanding that those arrested are a group of decent New Zealanders and not the terrorists the SIS would have us believe.

Opposition grows to Anti-terror legislation
We are delighted that despite the para-military police operation this week public opposition to the Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill which was due in parliament this week, has been growing. The Council of Trade Unions this week called for it to be abandoned along with a raft of human rights and peace groups. The Auckland Council for Civil Liberties has organised a seminar on Thursday next week to examine the bill and the grave threat it poses to our civil liberties.

No pasaran. Viva la Quinta Brigada, etc, etc.