Saturday, 11 August 2007

Even more Truth™Monkey-Messiah!!

This time on an interview on BBC radio 5 Live...



Muncher said...

It would be good to see an interview with David Shayler here on Conspiraloonery™ Central. Give him a chance to expose the full revelations and his message for this world. The mainstream media is incapable of presenting Truth™. The only way to get the Truth™ out there is for Conspiraloonery™ Central to give David Shayler an outlet by which he can reveal the complete and utter Truth™ about life, the universe and everything.

The Antagonist said...

Do you realise how hard it is to come by interviews with real-life Messiahs?

Especially ones offering the gift of immortality.

jon doy said...

yay !

the universe is changing in 2012 or something and david's here to help us through it

what a relief

Stef said...

Do you realise how hard it is to come by interviews with real-life Messiahs?

for the last few days it's apparently been a lot easier than usual

still, it's a lot more entertaining than all that facty 7/7 / Stockwell Shooting stuff

The Antagonist said...

He'll probably advocate lots more UNIVERSAL JUSTICE™ DO NOTHING™ as we ride the cosmic timewave to infinite love.

Is the Messiah™ selling anything yet? Bottles of immortality juice, perhaps.

The Antagonist said...

Jeshua Jeshua Juice!!!

™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™

m. tahani said...

can mr shayler stop the electromagnetic weapon?

The Antagonist said...

We can only hope!

In the meantime, DO NOTHING™ and everything will be just fine as the world's fraudulent financial markets collapse and everything that was shit turns to dust.

Wow, I think I've just channeled the end times and I think I'll call it.... let's say.... armageddon.

All readers of the Conspiraloon™ Alliance are popes.

White man's still got a god complex.