Thursday, 5 July 2007

U-SUK UNITY FLAG of Greater Britain and Better America

Hot on the heels of Independence Day -- the day the Americans in Britain that are here to recolonise the country celebrate revolting against the evil British Oppressors they're now colonising culturally -- The Sun gees up a bit of good old fashioned British nationalism, just like the jingoism of yesteryear:

The Sun has made a variety of Union Jack desktop wallpapers available in various sizes from the whopping, eye-wateringly huge 1280 x 1024 RED WHITE and BLUE pixels of middle-class 'read it for the tits and sport' PC owners all the way down to the IMPOVERISHED UNDERCLASS CHAV SCUMBAGS who found their PCs in a skip, and power it from a lamp post, 540 x 405.


So that's what the Conspiraloon Alliance did! After many thousands of years of intensive research, the Conspiraloon Alliance are proud to present 100% TRUE and HISTORICALLY ACCURATE UNITY FLAG OF GREATER BRITAIN AND BETTER AMERICA, known more formally by its official name of The New International Flag of the United Mistakes of Britain and America, as supported by Rupert Murdoch's Red, White and Blue 'News' International media worldwide.


If you're watching the news in your locality and your Technicolor screen is displaying predominantly three colours - RED, WHITE and BLUE - this flag is for you too.

Sky Red, White and Blue News

CNN Red, White and Blue News

ITV Red, White and Blue News (R.I.P.)

BBC Red, White and Blue News



Shahid said...


Stunning effort!

jon doy said...

finally, a flag we can fly upside down that people'll fucking notice is inverted

super job, just super

The Antagonist said...

The spectacular achievements of PRopaganda!

RAISE YOUR FLAG! (Higher, Higher!)

We all live in Amerikkka said...

We could learn a thing or three from the flag-wavers extraordinaire of the United Mistakes of Amerikkka:

Do Not Wave flags Made In China!!!!!!

paul said...

only intensive alien surgery would allow me to give this its proper thumbs up rating

The Antagonist said...

I'm unsure whether that means you require more, or less, thumbs for a rating.

In all honesty, I've forgotten how many thumbs we decided you had in the first place.

paul said...

human surgery can only remove thumbs, alien surgery can add as many as you like.
I would need at least 4 to rate this piece of independent research

BlackWater Spook said...

I give it six thumbs and a big toe.
**tosses trophy necklace**

The Antagonist said...

That's quite something - a grand total of ten thumbs up and a big toe - to, er, boot!

Anonymous said...

Love Google who do no evil. Both embedded videos have gone for a burton.

jon doy said...

'twas those evil Pakistanis i tells ya:

if only they had let the Brits keep India as one country rather than the natives trying to split along fabricated ethnic lines for no apparent reason

on an unrelated topic: as we all know, the Brits tried their utmost not to start, fuel, fund and perpetuate said artificial 'ethnic and tribal violence' and desperately wanted the Indians to remain as they had been, a content and integrated multi religious society in one large and strong nation

what Pakistan needs is for the Brits to go in again before Pakistan tries to split itself into even smaller and more easily bullied mini-nations - like how the Brits and Yanks are trying to stop such fragmentation of Iraq

If the coalition of the killing doesn't send in the troops soon, i fear the collapse of Pakistan, just like Iraq was collapsing before liberation in '03

it's much better now, no more Iraqi special forces (who happen to be European in appearance) driving around setting bombs in mosques and shooting at innocent people, no longer does the tv news incessantly lie trying to cover up for the Iraqi's killing their neighbours who they lived in harmony with for decades, no more does the tv news continuously drone on about "Iraqi freedom fighters and resistance against the imperialist's illegal occupation"

'everything is as it seems' and 'nothing is its opposite'