Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Noam tells it like it is - NOT!!

Remember Noam is a Marxist and Marx, like Lenin, was a paid agent of the Zionist Banking Cabal that is conspiring to terraform the planet into a more Lizard-friendly environment by stimulating CO2 emissions and consequently increasing global temperature

It's so freaking obvious!!

Why can't people UNDERSTAND!!?



Stef said...

Fuck me I'm hungry - I could murder a Truthon™ kebab

That's nothing to do with the post. I am just hungry

The Antagonist said...

"Who cares?" was perhaps the most enlightened response from the great man.

He's done some great work on how the media and State propaganda are to all intents and purposes one and the same thing, and then takes the media's word as gospel.

Nice to see that critical thinking, unlike Noam, in turn unlike Lenin, is dead.

Truthon™ Bang, for those really dried in and hard to remove stains.

jon doy said...

this is nothing to do with the post either:

trillionn£ir€ roth$child accuses alex jones of being an 'oil baron'

rothschild: "come round to my family's hidden underground estate"

jon doy said...
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jon doy said...

and another thing: roth$child barely kept in control of his own truthons™...nice try roth$child, but you're no acting 'talent'

anned wIe know soe stoopid as use seyin

paul said...

From what he says, we have almost certainly won, brothers and sisters!

As he admits, he is isolated, on his own and 'the left' is full of conspiracy theories:

a tightly controlled plutocratic media that manufactures consent beneath a shallow veneer of democracy!!

A brutal warlike imperial structure that works not for humanity, but their own gain!!!

Thought about those professor brainbox !!??!?

Stef said...

People can say what they like about Alex Jones but anyone who uses the theme music from Stingray in his radio show can't be all bad

Stef said...

I've just listened to that Rothschild interview through for the first time

I'm Alex Jones!! We gotta Red Shield on the line!!

It was awfully nice of David appearing on that show and bolstering Alex's Conspiracred™ don't you think?

The Antagonist said...

Forget all that intellectual posturing nonsense, look who's number one on the search results pile for "George Monbiot is a twit".

(Ignoring for a moment that the 'twit' which turns up in the search results was nothing to do with Georgie-boy but was in fact used by someone as a description of yours truly. The original comment may pre-date the invention of the term Conspiraloon™)

Stef said...

Let me tell you SOMETHING!! If you don't want to be TOTALLY DOMINATED!! by people like that Rothschild SCUM!! You'd better WAKE UP!! right now! Now I was only nice to that SCUM!! to keep him on the line!! This is what I really THINK!! of him. From the depths of my SOUL!! I pledge ETERNAL WARFARE!! against you and all your EVIL!!

Stef said...

well, it makes a change from Radio 4

The Antagonist said...

"I think the best way to view Chomsky is as a one-man Zionist 'sleeper cell’. He started to write about the American Empire at about the same time as the extreme Israeli right was planning its campaign of taking political power in Israel and creating Greater Israel over the dead bodies of a lot of Arabs."

- The Treachery of Noam Chomsky

Matt Janovic said...

You know, I've always said that all you ever need to read--ever--is the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Those people, they lie-lie-lie when they say it was an Okhrana forgery. LIES! ;0)