Saturday, 28 July 2007

It doesn't get any more obvious than this!!




paul said...

They become bolder

jon doy said...

a lizard with a turbo would definitely an evolution of something

of course, the turbo was originally developed and built by the Mayans, but their not having invented wheels made it kinda superfluous

the ancient Egyptians made use of Mayan turbos in their steam engines, which earned the Mayans enormous export profits, which they then used to have wheels imported from China, but then the turbo manufacturing plants were sent out to China because of cheaper labour costs, and without a manufacturing base of its own, the Mayan empire became a service industry economy, and that left the whole society open to collapse, and then it collapsed and all their gold was sent back to China on wheeled wagons

despite their being able to scientifically predict what would happen way off in the future like we can today with climate change, they didn't foresee the financial disaster they were paving the way for in their economy

i think there's a lesson in there somewhere