Monday, 24 October 2011

The Law Will Bring Peace

The consistently excellent Bill Mitchell performs an autopsy on the dead language found in the latest EU/IMF/ECB Troika report on Greece.

From a rent seekers point of view, the report must be rather appealling. State assets sold off at fire sale prices, onerous, to the point of insanity, debt obligations to be serviced indefinitely and a clear indication that the troika will act as a praetorian guard for their interests until the point of total collapse.

The big question is how long the greek security services will have the stomach to crack their friends and neighbours’ heads. After all, the protestors will have increasingly less to do but protest.

At that point , I suppose Eurogendfor* will move in.

Their commander,Colonel Cornelis Kuijs, has luckily completed a rather chillingly titled Netherlands Defence Academy course:

Philosophy and excellence in organisations: “Aristotle and Mastership”

(Aristotlean mastership being the science and practice of the ‘rule of slaves’; despotikè in greek)

Just what the greek people need, a technocrat with a gun.

* EGF (European Gendarmerie Force) will be, first and foremost, at the disposal of the EU (European Union) to carry out police missions in crisis management operations, in accordance with the the principles set up in Santa Maria de Feira and Nice European Council conclusions. When deployed for the EU, the PSC (Political and Security Committee of the EU) assumes the political control and the strategic direction.

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gyg3s said...

There are unconfirmed reports that Eurogendfor are already present.

From the link above,

"I have checked with friends in Athens and they tell me it is true."