Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I Thought I Was Going To Throw Up

Castlebeck specialises in care of people with learning disabilities and has 56 units and a £90m turnover. Steps have been taken by safeguarding agencies to protect the patients at Winterbourne View, some of whom have been moved elsewhere, and the unit is barred from taking any further admissions.
Torture, degradation......Well what do expect for the money?*

*182,000 great british fiats per annum*

*equivalent to 30,691 minimum wage hours

*equivalent to 16 minimum wage years


Bridget said...

What a pitiful society we live in. Care + Profit = Disaster, a portent of the privatised health service being planned?

The Antagonist said...

Sadly, only the very thin end of the wedge with regard to 'care' under the barbarous system of finance capitalism that has installed fascism virtually unnoticed.

Bridget said...

Southern Cross Healthcare destroyed by Stephen Schwarzman's private equity firm Blackstone | Mail Online

paul said...

Unashamedly taking the piss.

Credit Suisse, JO Hambro, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Wintrust (Guernsey), a Channel Islands investment trust.

Somehow I think the government will be happy to bail out these players