Sunday, 29 May 2011

Here to Help

Police were justified in removing a man from his wheelchair during a violent demonstration against tuition fees in central London, Scotland Yard has said.

The Met's probe was supervised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, but Mr McIntyre asked: "Why are the police investigating themselves?

"Does that make sense to you, that the police attacked a man in a wheelchair and then they investigate themselves?"

He went on: "Throughout the report the police officers involved have stated that they were acting in my best interests, and this appears to have been accepted by those carrying out the investigation."

The force appeared to believe that "the fact someone has a disability renders them incapable of determining their own best interest or to act with autonomy", he said.

Following the investigation, internal guidelines will be drawn up on the most appropriate way to move a wheelchair user in such circumstances.

The Spanish Policia are thought to be helping with this process
plaza catalunya May 2011


Liddle Towers said...

I can help you mr policeman..he's sat in a chair with wheels on the bottom 4 corners..if you look at the back of the chair,you will find two protruberances.These are called "handles" - you put your stupid fucking trotters on them and wheel the guy away into the back of your transit van out of the public gaze before you give him the obligatory beating for resisting arrest/obstruction/"walking in a loud shirt in a built up area during the hours of darkness".

Stef said...

It appears that American wheelchair users are aware of recent developments in the UK and are taking defensive measures

Those 'handles' at the back are still a bit of an Achilles Heel though

Benjamin Netanyahu's Filofax said...

Rear mounted machine guns

It's the only way to be sure

paul said...

Community policing -everybody's doing it

Rag Mag said...

Would you like chocolate sauce on that ice-cream?

Yes please

Crushed nuts?

No, Community Policing

Flickr Fan said...

885 comments in four days on that photo. A taste of things to come in some of the other excellent pictures.

Inappropriate to market as a favourite perhaps but did so anyway – when looking to see what I had favourited recently, the previous one was a small happy Spanish child dressed up and sitting on a bench, Spain is a mess.