Friday, 12 December 2008

This is not just an offensive composite picture. It's an offensive composite picture with an obscene children's rap theme.

Hussain de Menezes

Biggie Small vs Thomas



Parabellum said...

I was watching a docu about 9/11 I didn't knew. They mention a guy called Vreeland (free land?), a lead I was unaware of. When I stumbled (choked?) about this:

"Before we go any further let's be perfectly clear about one thing: We have found no credible evidence that the US government .. had specific advanced knowledge
of what exactly would happen on 9/11. And let's face it:
most conspiracy theories pretty much seem like a waste of time. Either because they depend on questionable characters..." (@06:20)

Contrast with:
"They said soon. They said in a large metro area. Most likely a plane will be used a weapon." (@10:00)

Parabellum said...

Who would have thought: Vreeland and kiddie porn. How convenient.

The world is strange place indeed.

Anonymous said...

A helpful video with a positive attitude:

Stef said...

especially if you need help learning how to spell