Friday, 5 December 2008

The Prophet Clarkson Speaks



The Antagonist said...

Conspiraloonery goes mainstream!

Clarkson is veritably the Daily Mail of the airwaves.

wingnut said...

End of times...who knew?

Stef said...

He's really going for it now

Mainstream Conspiraloonery just went nuclear

Stef said...

but not everyone agrees

The Antagonist said...

Clarkson: "I’m told that in simple terms money will cease to function as a meaningful commodity. The binary dots and dashes that fuel the entire system will flicker and die. And without money there will be no business. No means of selling goods. No means of transporting them. No means of making them in the first place even."

Yes, money will cease to function as a meaningful commodity, and so will gold. We'll take that as given seeing as we're most of the way there already. For 99% of 6 billion people this is a good thing. Money is only useful to the rich and the poor never have much to do with it.

Clarkson then makes an enormous leap down a giant chasm.

The binary dots and dashes of the financial system don't fuel the system at all, they merely fuck with it and juggle numbers around it, much less do they actually make anything except more binary dots and dashes. It's people that grow food, put water in pipes and make things, not arbitrary, ethereal numbers.

Or, more simply, in Clarkson speak: A Ferrari can make numbers, but numbers can't make a Ferrari.

It's a very common mistake and it can probably be attributed to projection. Because Clarkson wants to do pretty much fuck all except except ponce about in the luxurious manner to which the likes of the BBC have made him accustomed (which we pay for) and hole himself up in a nice pad in Chipping Norton with an aircraft on the lawn and a bunch of flash cars in the garage, he attributes those qualities to everyone else. Luckily, not everyone's that much of a prick, although there are rather more pricks like him now than there once were.

Meanwhile, some people do real work that has a real value. When Clarkson speaks of riots, lynchings and starvation (even though we have all of those already, just not in Chipping Norton. Yet.) he is merely enunciating his fear of the working masses. Clarkson fears the workers in the same way the State fears the workers (especially if they get organised) yet it is Clarkson who is ready with his Beretta to kill.

Some clever bloke once said something like, "Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains."

Or, in loonspeak, "That all seeing eye detached capstone thing associated with pyramids, it's about time we cut that motherfucker loose and fired it off into space, once and for all."

Stef said...

Meanwhile, in Athens...

paul said...

Reporting on the unrestThe BBC's Malcolm Brabant
Is that run of the mill synchro mysticism, or something weirder?

Stef said...

Mal B - doing his thing