Thursday, 23 October 2008

An Army of Angels

You will not see the doctor now

Even as western civilisation is being herded off a psychiatric cliff, it is a welcome relief that the great and good keep their eye of providence firmly focused on the big picture.
The war on human misery will hopefully be won by the exciting new initiative from the Gates/Buffett Tax Shelter. While they may not be able to bring sanitation and basic nutrition to the wretched of the earth, paid for, poorly tested iatrogenic materials will be administered to all, whether they like it or not.
No doubt valuable lessons can be learned from the sterling groundwork by forward thinking members of the military community. They, and other leading lights, have long realised the danger latent in the malignant, fecund neoplasm of poor people.
These developments will provide valuable new career opportunities , though the more risk averse amongst our youth might well look elsewhere.

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