Friday, 1 August 2008

Charlton Heston on the Origins of Man - Part 6 Atlantis


Daffyd Chayler said...

I disagree with Mr Heston and the others espousing crustal displacement. The obvious explanation is that the earth changed shape. This happened 20,120 years ago in the time of the coming of the great pine marten.

Anonymous said...

Off topic..
Stef..there seems to be something up with your blog.I can see the first paragraph, but then I get a grey box telling me Iexplorer can't open this page.If I hit the stop button before the page finishes loading,I can read it,but the index past the nuremburgler is missing.

Stef said...


almost certainly something to do with the Earth's magnetic field changing shape in advance of 2012

I shall fashion a pair of divining rods from a wire coat-hanger and a couple of empty biros and investigate

wingnut said...

Some quality loonery here.

Stef said...

My favourite CAF piece is the one in which she works aliens into the mix

Tony said...

God particle

Tony said...

Oh, a goldmine!

Stef said...

OMG!! Outstanding research!