Thursday, 12 June 2008

Nation Building

News to shock and chill the miserable inhabitants of Jockistan!!
Some young rascals were on the point of creating a secret 'mini-shariah state' beneath their very kilts!

A mere two years after being lifted for the crime of having a few dodgy books,videos and talking shit while the plod was listening, the trial proceedings revealed the b o m b s h e l l that plans had progressed as far as discussing it on an 'Internet Chat Room'!

It is deeply ironic that these these techno mediaevalists (or 'media-evilists!' as the cruelly over-rated mr amis might cacophonically neologise) selected the birth place of the enlightenment to base their dastardly jihad. Their choice was clearly well thought out, as the denizens of the north are usually too busy spending English benefit handouts on drink, heroin or la-di-da arts festivals to notice an enemy within.

Is there any hope they might emerge from their alcoholic, smoke wreathed stupor long enough to ponder this:

Without the fatherland's protection, could the wretched, revenue draining scotch ever defend themselves against this three strong army??
Surely a powerful argument against their immature, non-kosovo style yearning for independence!

The chief joke-hadi/ringleader/mastermind put it thus:
"A group of Muslims can go to a remote place and set up a mini Sharia state and they can rule according to Sharia law, like this and stay there, building them up and their children up, preparing for fitness, and then launching jihad once they strengthen themselves."
The Scotsman reports:
The only drawback Aabid Khan allegedly identified was the availability of weapons.
Clearly they weren't going to set up in Glasgow.


The Antagonist said...

The last line's the killer! Welcome back ConspiroPaul.

paul said...

Hola Amigos!! Sorry I missed the Gala night for the conspironaisance birthday celebrations. I hope you all raised a refreshing glass of Tang! to our great achievements.

The Antagonist said...

You mean you didn't get the bottles of bubbly and the dancing girls via the Conspiraloon Deep Underground Military Base Speed-HI Teleportation System (aka C-DUMBSHITS)??

paul said...

Of course I did, but I'm keeping them all in the dungeon till next year