Friday, 6 June 2008

La Conspiration Mondial

Fellow English-speaking Loons

One of the downsides of waging relentless INFOWAR against the owned mainstream media is that, after all while, Our message of Truth™, as beautiful as it is, can start to sound just a little bit repetitive

So, why not consider spicing up your everyday Truthlife a little and try a bit of French every now and then

Video Illuminati (La Conspiration Mondial)!!



Tom said...

Every priest should have his/her own pyramid. Laissez le bon temps roulez!

Stef said...

allez danse!!

Conrad Turner said...

I'd like to advise The Alliance that there is an excellent documentary on channel 4 tonight at 2200 hours.The section on human reproduction is particularly enlightening.
Message ends
*bell sound*

jon doy said...

the human reproduction section in the US unrated cut is the superior version, though, especially for those with a mind for composting waste in the name of water conservation

jon doy said...

ooh, there's also another factumentary on tonight just after the one on channel four, it starts at 11.45pm on beebtelescreen three