Monday, 9 June 2008

Introducing the Conspiraloon Alliance's newest sponsor

Now with added Truthons™!!

The Conspiraloon™ Alliance is proud to announce that it has adopted Bovril as its Official™ beef tea accompaniment for all Conspiraloon™ activism up to and including 2012

  • First they abduct them

  • Then they mutilate them
  • Then they puree them
  • Then they add hot water

For anyone not familiar with the fascinating history of Bovril...

"the first part of the product's name comes from Latin bos (genitive bovis) meaning "ox" or "cow". The -vril comes from Bulwer-Lytton's once-popular 1870 "lost race" novel, The Coming Race (also reprinted as Vril: The Power of the Coming Race), in which a subterranean humanoid race have mental control over, and devastating powers from, an energy fluid named "Vril"."

It's yummy and it's in my tummy

Part of the blueprints of a Nazi-designed Bovril powered spacecraft which have been suppressed for over 60 years



BeefteaBoys said...

What measure of VRIL do I have?

There is a measure of VRIL in all living things. The greater it becomes, the more one is able to accomplish and become an immortal, or better stated, become increasingly aware of their immortal innate consciousness. The original state.

jon doy said...

Bo-Vril !? a masterful stroke of genius of the very highest order - or it would be if all above wasn't both actual and factual™