Tuesday, 13 May 2008

CLASSIC Misdirection from the Ministry of Truth

A classic example of the UK Government using three billion pounds of our own money in a desperate attempt to distract people from the TRUTH!!





An "Emergency Budget

Chancellor Alastair Darling shocked taxpayers across Britain tonight by raising the personal tax allowance by £600 in an attempt to buy off opposition to the scrapping of the 10p tax rate. Anyone earning up to £40,835 will gain £120 this year. The move will cost £2.7bn and will simply come from increased borrowing. It's hard to think of a Chancellor rewriting a budget in such a spectacular way. Where does this leave the Government's authority and can we believe what the Treasury tells us in the future? Tonight on Newsnight, Jeremy has a face to face interview with the Chancellor, and Paul Mason will explain what this means for taxpayers.

"Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts"
If you take six young fashion lovers and ask them to work in textile factories in India, what would they discover? The BBC Three series "Blood, Sweat and Tears" has undertaken just such an experiment, and the results have been fascinating. We have two of the participants, Stacey and Georgina, and a representative from British retailing to discuss the often desperate labour conditions behind cheap t-shirts.

UFO Sightings
And Stephen Smith has seen secret Ministry of Defence files which reveal how seriously the authorities took UFO sightings, and those infamous crop circles.

Don't be fooled about what the REAL news story is today


edit: and, in related news, this hot in from the Catholic News Agency...


Š said...

The 'Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts' Newsnight piece was for us to (as Stacy[?] put it) "Get with the Grief", subliminally, of course.

The Grief that is going to waft over our consumeration soon.

jon doy said...

wow, the news-shite piece on UFOs (which remember is an acronym for Undoubtedly From Space) featured nick pope who's not a lying disinfo agent at all, unlike Nick Cook, a character who is a complete liar who never tries even once to conflate "UFO" and "alien", the lying liar that he is

Stef said...

but did you notice that BBC journalist Stephen Smith was described as the program's 'UFO Editor' in the subtitling?

The Antagonist said...

That probably means he's the one responsible for editing faint bright lights into footage of blackness.

Smith is Tony Topping's seventh cousin, seven times removed.

jon doy said...

i'm sorry, i meant Undoubtedly From Outerspace

The Antagonist said...

S'funny. Some people have an interest in UFOs and they're stupid mentallists who "want to believe".

Meanwhile, the State has classified "UFO files" with reports filed by police officers and military personnel locked away for decades and that's perfectly normal.

Everything is its opposite.

Welcome to topsy-turvy land.

Please mind the gaps in logic and reason.

Anonymous said...

Is that the rancid fragrance of Jo Moore I dost smell?

Personally I'd welcome a discussion about crap circles.

Antipholus Papps said...

I thought it stood for Useful For Oligarchs?

jon doy said...

that too