Saturday, 17 May 2008

Obama is a secret time-travelling Nazi Muslim

Continuing with those twin loves of Conspiraloons everywhere; fascination with time travel and Nazi worship, Stephen Colbert has discovered something earth-shattering...


Friday, 16 May 2008

To Live and Die in DIA


Following on from the previous post which speculates 'what if the Nazis hadn't won WW2?' and its particular emphasis on NAZA aviation technology, here's some high quality, well reasoned and well researched factual information on the legendary Denver International Airport...

It's all there - Nazis, Mayans, 2012, the NWO, Death Camps, Spooky Underground Bases, Artificially Created Killer Viruses, Freemasons, The letter 'G' please Bob, Mass Genocide, and includes my favourite line...

'One fact must be questioned. Why is the underground base 88.5 square miles long?'

This could be the single most important film you'll see this afternoon

but that depends largely on how many other films you'll be watching


Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Attention Passengers!

Following the videos, that were both chilling and shocking, shown on colour television last night, conspiranoid frequent flyers are advised to watch out for:

  1. Airplanes with windows made of 12mm safety glass rather than the normal triple pane construction
  2. Airplanes with bits of plastic leaning against the walls purely to fly about in an alarming fashion
  3. Fellow passengers with prosthetic robot arms
And before flying, make sure no one in your community has conducted around 30 test explosions in a flat near you.. A quick call to your local nick should clear this up, as they routinely film these things.

We do not wish to alarm our community as:
  1. A transatlantic liner such as the 747 can retain cabin pressure with up to five windows missing, (even non standard ones we presume), apart from in films.
  2. Airplane toilets do not have windows, to prevent nosy seagulls watching you have a dump, wank or 'filling in' your application to the 'mile high' club.
  3. These loose lying panels have never been observed-YET!!
  4. Home made robot prosthetics are very hard to fabricate in a surveilled flat, even harder than explosives. They are also trickier than the compact, but deadly, victorinix picknicker to get through airport scanners. Especially when attached to brown skinned cartoon joke-hadis.
  5. Terror Tech Tip: It is advisable to construct the robot arms in situ, from a set of components disguised as innocuous everyday objects, like Scaramanga's infamous 'Golden Gun'. We suggest a telescopic tree lopper, central heating motor and a car battery. The hydraulics can be rigged together using garden hose filled with TANG! (diluted 10 parts to one)!

The device, made from an Oasis soft drink bottle, had to be put together with a remote controlled arm at a government laboratory because the mixture was so volatile, a jury heard.

Keith Ritchie, a senior case office at the Forensic Explosives Laboratory said: “If the mixture reacted unexpectedly with the detonator inside it would result in the death of anybody nearby.”

But judge Mr Justice Calvert-Smith questioned the relevance of viewing the hypothetical tests.

"We have to deal with fact," he told the court. "This is a conspiracy rather than actually causing an explosion or murder."

The judge said the jury's concern was whether such an explosion would have endangered an aircraft and killed anybody.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

CLASSIC Misdirection from the Ministry of Truth

A classic example of the UK Government using three billion pounds of our own money in a desperate attempt to distract people from the TRUTH!!





An "Emergency Budget

Chancellor Alastair Darling shocked taxpayers across Britain tonight by raising the personal tax allowance by £600 in an attempt to buy off opposition to the scrapping of the 10p tax rate. Anyone earning up to £40,835 will gain £120 this year. The move will cost £2.7bn and will simply come from increased borrowing. It's hard to think of a Chancellor rewriting a budget in such a spectacular way. Where does this leave the Government's authority and can we believe what the Treasury tells us in the future? Tonight on Newsnight, Jeremy has a face to face interview with the Chancellor, and Paul Mason will explain what this means for taxpayers.

"Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts"
If you take six young fashion lovers and ask them to work in textile factories in India, what would they discover? The BBC Three series "Blood, Sweat and Tears" has undertaken just such an experiment, and the results have been fascinating. We have two of the participants, Stacey and Georgina, and a representative from British retailing to discuss the often desperate labour conditions behind cheap t-shirts.

UFO Sightings
And Stephen Smith has seen secret Ministry of Defence files which reveal how seriously the authorities took UFO sightings, and those infamous crop circles.

Don't be fooled about what the REAL news story is today


edit: and, in related news, this hot in from the Catholic News Agency...

Sunday, 4 May 2008

BANK Holiday Blue Monday, by New World Order

You say it's raining but you're pissing down my back.

Of course, they all only say this stuff because they're idiots that like the sound of their own voices. None of it means anything and none of it has any significance, especially when they keep repeating it over and over. Thankfully, otherwise we'd all be fucked.

Classic Retro-Loonery #322 - Alternative 3

In the late 1970s the UK's Anglia Television ran a weekly science series, Science Report. The final episode,
Alternative 3, retained the series' format and presenter, and was written by Chris Miles and David Ambrose. Music was by Brian Eno, a portion of his score being released on the 1978 album Music for Films.

The episode began by detailing the so-called "brain drain:" a number of mysterious disappearances and deaths of physicists, engineers, astronomers, and others in related fields. Among the strange deaths reported was that of one "Professor Ballantine" of Jodrell Bank. Before his death, Ballantine delivers a videotape to an academic friend, but when viewed on an ordinary videotape machine the only result is radio static.

According to the research presented in the episode, it was hypothesized that the missing scientists were involved in a secret American/Soviet plan in outer space, and further suggested that interplanetary space travel had been possible for much longer than was commonly accepted. The episode featured an Apollo astronaut — the fictional "Bob Grodin," played by Shane Rimmer — who claims to have stumbled on a mysterious lunar base during his moonwalk.

It was claimed that scientists had determined that the Earth's surface would be unable to support life for much longer, due to pollution leading to catastrophic climate change. It was proposed that there were three alternatives to this problem: the first involved the detonation of nuclear bombs in the stratosphere in order to allow the pollution to escape. The second alternative was the construction of an elaborate underground city, a solution reminiscent of the finale of Dr Strangelove. The third alternative, the so-called "Alternative 3," was to populate Mars via a way station on the Moon.

The programme ends with some detective work; acting on information from Grodin, the reporters determine that Ballantine's videotape requires a special decoding device. After locating such a device, the resulting video turns out to depict a landing on the Martian surface — in 1962! As Russian and American voices excitedly celebrate their achievement, something stirs beneath the Martian soil...


Saturday, 3 May 2008