Saturday, 15 March 2008


Rearrange this sentence to make it form some sense

"On March 26, an NGO reported that two members of
Hizb ut-Tahrir handed out leaflets near a mosque in Stockholm
that urged the liquidation of Jews in Palestine. "
But grudgingly,(happily ignored in the reuters report) notes:
"The Imam of the mosque subsequently denounced "violence against jews"
Probably another typographical error,as Palestine is rarely mentioned in any other reliable media. Perhaps because of those 'inconvenient truths' that happen with such bleak regularity.

Alarmingly, the report failed to highlight the bizarre forms this gruesome pathology can take. The poison that is antisemitism is so powerful and infective, it can actually turn the chosen people against themselves!!

This has not only resulted in the chronic problem of 'self hating jews' who treacherously set themselves against 'muslim hating jews' but also unleashed the nightmare of self created antisemitism!! That this is not an isolated incident is well illustrated by the tragic tale of self hating sarah marshak!!!
Needless to say, the evil clown Borat is perhaps the most sinister incarnation of this malaise.

Group of typical Self-Hating Jews seen outside the Houses of Parliament yesterday - clearly uncomfortable with their Jewish identity


Stef said...


I took the liberty of illustrating your post with a picture of some of those rabidly anti-semetic, self-haters from Neterai Karta who turned up a the Stop the War march yesterday

The most cunning of their breed they actually dress up like and live the life of strict chassidim but they're not fooling anybody

paul said...

Amost welcome addition, all the better to spot these deviants

Jews against Zion? Stop the War marches?? I read nothing of this on the BBC!!!
Oh wait there's this at the bottom of the engerland page

Makes them all look a bit silly, though

jon doy said...

Rearrange this sentence to make it form some sense:

Anti-Semitism, including government-promoted hatred toward Jews and prejudice couched as criticism of Israel, has risen globally over the last decade, the State Department said on Thursday.


State Department promoted hatred has risen globally over the last decade, including prejudice toward Anti-Israel Semitism and Jews, government couched as criticism of Thursday. On, said the.

...was the best i could do, do i win the mi5 pizzahut vouchers ?

paul said...

Yes, just pick them up in person here
Tell them agent paul sent you

jon doy said...

nice, you want the medium false flagerita with extra annemachovies and gonzogola again ?

or i'm gong past the baker's on my way so i could get you a meat & tatp patsie if you prefer ?

Stef said...

Self-Hater No.1 plying his wares on Towelhead TV

paul said...

that was rather good